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kvm-tec Homebase Opening Party: Let´s Party


Tattendorf, November 17, 2017: On Friday evening the new home base was officially opened by Austria's only developer and manufacturer of KVM Extender - kvm-tec.

The new kvm-tec home base welcomed its guests amidst the wonderful ambience of the Tattendorf vineyards. Fire baskets surrounded the company owned swimming pond and provided warmth before entering the party tent for the official opening. The evening was led by the lively moderation of the kvm-tec Sales & Marketing Team Julia & Lukas and Ingrid Pfurtscheller (Head of Marketing & Sales) and the background music came from the Trautmanndorfer Blaskapelle. Granddaughter Lea surprised with a dance performance. Finally, the kvm-tec employees spoke out. Their special thanks went to the management of Dietmar & Ingrid Pfurtscheller and Florian Schubert - who made this employee paradise possible and put it into practice through their tireless efforts. Our new home base is simply a feel-good place - you are happy to come to work every day. The highlights are especially the many places, such as the Relaxing Lounge and the Brainroom, for conversations and creative work, which we particularly appreciate and love!" As a thank you, the management staff presented the orange kvm-tec lucky pig to the management.

Afterwards, the kvm-tec team took the visitors on a tour through the new building. But it was not only the specially created places like the swimming pond, the fitness room and the lounge area that were to be discovered; a small puzzle rally also gave the guests an insight into the field of activity and the favourite place of the individual kvm-tec employees. The building is great - it conveys a feeling of security and you simply have to feel at home here. I think I will be applying today to become a new kvm-tec employee," says a guest enthusiastically about the company and the kvm-tec team spirit. With the conquered solution letters the guests went back into the party tent and the solution word was decoded "kvm-tec smart connections – Let´s Party!" and with these words the owner Dietmar Pfurtscheller opened the buffet and the party could begin.

Another highlight of the opening ceremony was the presentation of the new image video "40years footprints". “In 1987 I laid the foundation stone for today's kvm-tec and founded my one-man business. 2018 - 40 years later we are proud to leave our footprints on the technology world - this has to be celebrated and so the coming year - starting with today's opening ceremony - under the motto "Let´s Party" “ Ing. Dietmar Pfurtscheller, founder and owner is proud and pleased about the growth and success.


The new kvm-tec Homebase - The building: as innovative as the products of kvm-tec are, so innovative is the concept of the new company building. In a construction period of only 8 months, the new company building was built without delay - just like the kvm-tec Extender - and equipped with the most modern, energy-saving equipment such as heat pump, photovoltaic system and electric filling station. In a fantastic location in the vineyards of Tattendorf, a swimming pond and a fitness room are waiting to be used by the kvm-tec staff. The kvm-tec team also has ample space for relaxation and new innovative ideas: a relaxing lounge with a view of the vineyards and a brain room with extraordinarily flexible seating are available to the kvm-tec team. A further highlight is the large kitchen, in which freshly cooked food is prepared daily for the employees and which also offers a great view of the swimming pond and is a place for communal meals and celebrations.


Facts and figures about the development of the new kvm-tec homebase

·         630m² on two levels

·         2 swings

·         150,000 litres of water in the swimming pond

·         Approximately 150 people have worked locally, with different languages, from different cultures and countries.

·         approx. 5km heating and cooling pipes

·         approx. 30 t steel

·         Approx. 600 t concrete

·         Over 1 million screws and nails

·         At least 3 sleepless nights.... and many a flash of inspiration


About kvm-tec

Founded in 1978 by Ing. Dietmar Pfurtscheller, the sole proprietorship was the cornerstone of today's company kvm-tec. From the very beginning, kvm-tec has been one of Austria's leading companies in the electronics sector and is characterized by innovative, technical know-how. In the field of KVM (keyboard - video - mouse), kvm-tec is Austria's only company that develops and produces high-quality extenders and switching systems for this sector. kvm-tec's products offer highly optimized video signal transmissions without delay over long distances.



Österreichischer Entwickler und Produzent von hochwertigen KVM-Extender und KVM-Switching Systemen.