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The new kvm-tec Homebase is ready

Tattendorf, October 2017. kvm-tec employees are finally looking forward to moving into the new company building after only 8 months - a new home base that offers everything the employee heart desires and encourages creative cooperation.

kvm-tec - Austria's only developer and manufacturer of KVM extenders and switching systems - has just completed the new company building in Tattendorf for its 40th anniversary.

As innovative as the kvm-tec products are, so innovative is the concept of the new company building. The building was built in a construction period of 8 months and equipped with the most modern, energy-saving equipment such as heat pump, photovoltaic system and electric filling station. In a fantastic location in the vineyards of Tattendorf, a swimming pond and a fitness room are waiting to be used by the kvm-tec staff.

Great importance was also attached to the fact that, in addition to large and ergonomic workplaces, a lot of space and space was also available for relaxation and to find new innovative ideas. For example, a wide variety of places in the house have been created with unusual seating and office solutions to create very relaxed places for communication and brainstorming. A large lounge area with a magnificent view is also available for relaxation.

A further highlight is the large kitchen, in which freshly cooked food is prepared daily for the employees and which also offers a great view of the swimming pond and is a place for communal meals and celebrations. Since kvm-tec 2018 celebrates its 40th anniversary, there are plenty of reasons for parties!


About kvm-tec

Dietmar Pfurtscheller founded the company kvm-tec in 1978. From the very beginning, kvm-tec has been one of Austria's leading companies in the electronics sector and is characterized by innovative, technical know-how. In the field of KVM (keyboard - video - mouse), kvm-tec is Austria's only company that develops and produces high-quality extenders and switching systems for this sector. kvm-tec's products offer highly optimized video signal transmissions without delay over long distances.

Österreichischer Entwickler und Produzent von hochwertigen KVM-Extender und KVM-Switching Systemen.