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Nach einer erfolgreichen Premiere auf der ISE Amsterdam 2018 - freuen wir uns, unseren 4K Ultraline Extender nun auch auf der NAB Las Vegas 2018 dem KVM Publikum presentieren zu dürfen.

Erfahren Sie hier wo Sie uns auch noch treffen können!

kvm-tec smart and more

This was the PRODUCT LAUNCH @ ISE Amsterdam 2018

We had a wonderful time at the ISE Amsterdam 2018 and an even greater premiere of our 4K Ultraline Extender. We are proud of every good feedback from the KMV Audience. After this successful product launch the 4K revolution is going arround the world .... next stop: NAB Las Vegas 2018!

November 2017: The new homebase was officially opened by Austria's only developer and manufacturer of KVM Extender - kvm-tec according to the motto "Let? s Party".

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One of our new products is ready …

kvm-tec Switching Manager at work

The intelligent software solution from kvm-tec to managing all KVM extenders connected in a Matrix Switching System up to 480 endpoints.

It´s really comfortable and relaxing, the local and remote units can be connected or disconnected with a touch or mouse-click and the extenders are ideally arranged with their status color-coded in order to provide a quick overview of  the system.

Would you like more information about our KVM-extenders and KVM-switching systems...

...turn on the kvm-tec product channel

Julia, our international sales assistant, showcases all the features of kvm-tec products in a charming manner.

Would you like to learn precisely how to install our KVM-extenders and KVM-switching systems...

...turn on the kvm-tec installation channel

Alex, our chief developer, explains the detailed installation of kvm-tec products in a humorous manner.

the sound of kvm-tec

With the technology from kvm-tec it is always possible to enjoy good lounge music, because you can rely not only on the technology here, but also on the competent team, personal assistance, support, and more besides...

For "chilled-out" listening pleasure with kvm-tec lounge music click here.

As the tailor can make a wide range of different items, kvm-tec engineers also show great versatility in realising special solutions.

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Our universal genius with many options!

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Discontinuation of PVX and EVX products

Both extender models PVX and EVX are among the first models that we have developed.

These models no longer correspond with the newest standard of technology after several years of service and were replaced by

"the new" SVX Smartline and MVX Masterline some time ago.

kvm-tec Urban lifestyle

Explore the advantages of our Products.

Storytelling is our new Passion!

We created a serie of photographs titled "Urban lifestyle", where we present our kvm-tec extenders in "untypical" and "untechnical" situations. where we

Do you want to know more about that? Click here for more information..

Here you will get more information about the different application areas of our products.

Applications and usage examples are available to download here.

Social Engagements: Homeless World Cup

We are pleased to announce that we officially support the Homeless World Cup - the social streetsoccer world championship.

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kvm-tec Onlineshop

Now kvm-tec offers an online shop with our top products.

Onlineshop >>>

After completed renovations ASFINAG traffic control A23 is now available with kvm-tec KVM extenders again. It was used a mix of our robust Masterline MVX extenders and...

KVM TEC Electronic has taken another brilliant coup.
Our topseller SVX Smartline Extender convinced customers all over the world with its quality and price/performance ratio...

From now on, Full HD movies can be played through the extender without delay...

SVX Test Units - Resounding Success

Our Extender Highlight Smartline SVX1 was a resounding success! Many testers could not believe, that there is so much innovation and quality in our power pack...

The international monitor manufacturer Rein Medical has chosen to use KVM-TEC extenders...

Austrian designed and produced high-quality KVM Extenders and KVM Switching Systems.