play with the Playbook
connect & add some new KVM
play with the Playbook
connect & add some new KVM
play with the Playbook
connect & add some new KVM
play with the playbook
connect & add some new KVM
play with the playbook
connect & add some new KVM
play with the playbook
connect & add some new KVM

Air Trafiic & Transportation


Transport & Management and Control for Road, Rail, Air & Marine . . .

For all traffic networks or transport systems, the kvm-tec 4Future is the ideal KVM and matrix switching system concept. No matter if rail traffic, road traffic, at ports - the traffic networks are growing and are also monitored more and more to manage traffic flow or passenger flow efficiently.

In the future, personal identification will also be an important issue. To ensure this, a KVM system needs innovative features for the management in the switching system and on the other hand also the possibility to extend and expand the matrix switching system without purchasing a new system.

Furthermore, it is necessary that video transmission in Full HD as well as in 4K takes place in real time and without delay time over long distances. (in fiber up to 160km/99mi). In addition to redundancy for Full HD and 4K extenders, kvm-tec has an additional feature - freeze last image. In case of PC failure, the last transmitted image is displayed with a red flashing frame.  Safe and efficient work with user-friendly features are necessary.Likewise, access to virtual machines and remote access make the KVM 4Future system reliable


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Transport Road

for safety on the road on the road, KVM extenders like to show their strong side

In control centers and control rooms for highway administration and tunnel monitoring, security and a good overview are among the most important requirements for traffic safety. This is where the 4K Multiview Commander scores, where the contents of 4 PCs can not only be displayed on a 4K screen, but also operated. No extra hardware is required for the 4K Multiview Commander, where 4 Maxflex local units are installed on the PC side and one 4K Ultraline unit on the monitor side. Especially in large control rooms and tunnels a good overview is needed and so a red frame is displayed for better orientation when changing screens. By the way, the PCs and the 4K monitor can be installed at a distance of 120km/77mi with the 4K Multiview Commander.
With the Matrix Switching System several users can access one system and have always the latest data and information on the monitor.
For the installation in tunnels, the real time and latency-free transmission of video and USB signals is just as important as the secure transmission over long distances. Especially for - safety on the road - the kvm-tec fiber extenders meet the high safety requirements.
Due to the increase in control centers and control rooms in traffic monitoring, it is also important that monitoring can also take place from remote workplaces at any time.
With our Real Remote solution, live access to the matrix switching system is possible at any time via the Gateway2Go app.



Traffic Control & Contro Rooms

for public transport and control 

For monitoring traffic flows, whether on the road, rail, at ports, reliable KVM systems are needed that allow real-time access and require the ability to quickly access the systems, whether in the control room or remotely. The workstations in the control rooms should be efficient, secure and easy to use.  With the Mouse Glide & Switch software feature, fewer keyboards and mice are needed because one mouse and keyboard can operate up to 16 monitors. This minimizes operating errors and allows the user to operate the control room much more conveniently and efficiently.
The systems for control rooms also need functionalities, such as video sharing With GET command or Connect can be connected from the source PC1 or PC2 (LOC unit) to the monitor (remote unit). PUSH Command - the content of the own monitor can be connected with the PUSH command to another monitor. The input is done in the OSD menu. But also USB Sharing, where several users have USB access at the same time and can work at the same time, belongs as well as USB Sharing Emulation Mode to the efficient kvm-tec functionalities in the control room. In USB Sharing Emulation Mode several users have USB access at the same time and can work simultaneously. 


Air Traffic Control

it is very clear that a KVM Extender can´t fly

It is clear that a KVM extender can not fly, but in the airport area KVM  plays a major role in the background to guarantee the smooth operation at the airport. For example, in the tower, where ergonomics in operation is important. Here the KVM solutions score with software features and kvm-tec functionalities, which enable simple, ergonomic and reliable operation. However, KVM extenders also play a major role in ground applications, such as baggage handling, ground control, baggage handling.
Important factors also include reliability, redundancy, failover, and outsourcing of computers to the server room.
At the airport, USB and video signals often have to be transmitted over long distances or floors, e.g. in the tower. With kvm-tec lossless USB and video transmission is possible up to 160km/99mi. The kvm-tec fiber technology is also tap-proof and is resilient to possible interference levels.
In kvm-tec‘s matrix switching system, up to 2000 endpoints and more can be operated. How is this possible, where usually at 648 endpoints is the end. The switching technology of kvm-tec was developed in house and because the endpoint is passive in the switching moment, there is much less traffic in the system.


Transport & Control Rooms Marine

KVM extenders also feel at home in the oceans and in the harbor

Because well protected in the server room, the KVM Extender is not even affected by harsh operating environments. This means that KVM extenders can also provide optimum operation in the ship‘s control room. Via the Matrix Switching System, which is characterized by super fast switching, the system can be accessed from any bridge or control room at any time. With the included software - Switching Manager - access rights can be assigned and organized.
KVM extenders also make a good job on cargo ships - whether loading the cargo ship with a crane or logistics on the ship, the extender is here in the optimal field of application.
Just as on the road, port surveillance is also a case for ergonomic control rooms that require efficient work. Here, in addition to Mouse glide& Switch and 4K Multiview Commander, the kvm-tec functionalties are among the ergonomic boosts that make the difference. Such as Group Sharing: In Matrix Switching, the supervisor can, for example, in a multi-storey port building, independent groups for control and monitoring.


Real Remote Workplaces and connection to alreday existing KVM systems

the connection to already existing KVM systems (manufacturer independent) is done via a FLEXline local unit

We all learned during the COVID crisis that business continuity is an extremely important factor in all sectors of the economy. It has become clear to all of us that an immediate switch to remote workplaces is a „must“ and that the coverage of additional demand for remote workplaces must be covered over a certain period of time to ensure a smooth workflow. With the kvm-tec 4Future REAL REMOTE system it is possible, for example, to work from remote workplaces in the KVM system in the broadcast sector. kvm-tec has also developed a technology to connect the new generation FLEXline Full HD Extender
to existing systems to enable modern and crisis-proof workplaces at low cost. The REAL REMOTE system was developed in addition to our kvm-tec 4Future High perfomance KVM system, where flexible customized, future proofed, secure engineered and hardware optimized
set the new trends in the KVM world.

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inclusive Checklist & KVM components



...where our technical innovations are born
… where our technical innovations are born

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