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Education & Training
Education & Training
Education & Training
Education & Training

Education & Training


In educational institutions, people come to terms with the economic, cultural and social world in which they live. Education has the goal to promote independence and self-determination of a person.
The term education also includes education, schooling and training and this is where KVM Extenders simply feel in their element.
Whether in training centers, universities, educational institutions or conference centers, USB and video signals can be transmitted from a central server room to the training or conference rooms.

Functionalties & Features - that makes the difference and are the useful & ergonomic boosts for your system. No matter if you want to share a video with Push & conenct, or if you want to take over the USB control of a user in the role of a supervisor and transfer it to another e.g. participant or student.
The supervisor can also use the GET command to take over the content of a screen and transfer it to all other user screens or a video wall.
In this playbook we present some of the functionalities, which make education easier.


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inclusive  Checklist & KVM components for education environments & Conference center



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Trainings Center - where KVM makes data exchange and communication easy

The training room needs to be quiet and concentrated for the important tasks that should be trained and learned. This is made possible by moving the PCs to the server room. At the training place there is only one remote unit for the operation of  the screen or tablet. The remote unit can be mounted with the under desk with mounting kit to have enough space at the desk. (To be honest, we find it a bit of a pity, because the kvm-tec powerboxes are so stylish and have a super-slim housing).
Video walls can also be controlled from the server room in order to make the training content available to all participants. With the software feature 4K Multivview Commander, the content of 4 Pcs can not only be displayed on a 4K screen, but also operated. With the zoom function any part of the screen can be enlarged to full screen and for easy operation and orientation a red frame is displayed when changing the screens.
With the 4K Multiview Commander it is also possible to share the content of several Multiview Commanders on one or more video walls. This makes data exchange and communication easy going.

We turn complex applications into simple and smart solutions.

kvm-tec - we keep it simple


Unser Functionaltiy Tipp

4K Multiview Commander

kvm-tec feature for controlling and operating contents of different PCs on only one 4K monitor. from remote/CON up to 120km (up to 8 Multiview Commander can be combined)


Universities & Colleges KVM for research, teaching, studying and development

At kvm-tec, special attention is paid to research and development. Therefore, we are pleased that the blue power boxes also make their contribution to education and training in universities and colleges.
With the PoE version of FLEXline can e.g. in the lecture hall to each student place without disturbing of additional cables. The remote and local units are supplied with power via the network switch and no power supply units are required for the units.  Easy going with the kvm-tec functionalities. The lecturer can transfer the video signals e.g. with video sharing from the source ( local unit) over the switch  on different monitors and all are - on the same page!
Another functionality is - Videosharing Cross with Supervisor: The supervisor can take over the USB control of a user at any time and with PUSH transfer the USB control to another user. With Videosharing each user can share videos on a videowall.




Our Functionality Tip - Videosharing

Videosharing Cross

Videosharing Multishow

Videosharing Push & Get

Videosharing Cross with Supervisor

Education environments KVM is ready for Learning & Education

The term educational institutions is a very broad term and it is worth considering - what all belongs to educational institutions, whether state, municipal or private. We start here in our overview after the kindergarten, where playing is the main task at the schools - elementary school, secondary schools and academies, then follow the universities and colleges and adult education. Museums and libraries also have an indirect educational mission. Other educational institutions include private academies, associations and also churches. In summary, all institutions that provide training and continuing education, as well as knowledge and innovation management. But how can the blue power boxes contribute to education? One thing in advance is that they can not take over the education, but through the visual lossless compression and a almost zero latency in the USB and video transmission, they can guarantee a smooth workflow, so that the focus can be directed to the essential - learning. Learning in groups is a great thing and fun too - with the USB Sharing Emulation Mode multiple users have simultaneous USB access and can work at the same time. Switching is instantaneous and can be used for mouse and keyboard.
Take control of the learning group with USB Sharing High Speed Mode: In High Speed Mode, one user has control of USB.  The user who wants to take over USB control presses any key on the keyboard and takes over USB control (switching takes about 0.5-1 sec).

We keep it simple and enable the focus on the important things !


Our Functionality Tip USB SHARING

USB SHARING Emulation mode

Multiple users have simultaneous USB access and can work simultaneously.

The switching is delay-free and can be used for mouse and keyboard.


USB Sharing High Speed modus

In high speed mode a user has control of USB.  The user who wants to take over the USB control,

presses any key on the keyboard and takes over the USB control (switching takes about 0.5-1 sec).


Conference Center - KVM Extender like to communicate

To ensure that everything runs perfectly in conference centers, the magic word is INFRASTURCTURE, and in addition to the well-known infrastructure, such as good transport connections, etc., the perfect technical infrastructure is also part of the smooth workflow. Important benchmarks here are super-fast switching processes in the Matrix Switching System. A switching system that can be expanded with endpoint packages at any time. Particularly advantageous is the compatibility with standard network components, as this results in a significant price advantage over other KVM systems.
Super fast switching - because kvm-tec endpoints are passive at the switching moment, there is less traffic in the switching system and therefore super fast switching is possible. Since the KVM matrix switching system is used in a dedicated network, it is also absolutely secure against cyberattacks. If conferences take place at different locations, the Gateway2Go - Windows App can be used to access the Matrix Switching System in the conference center at any time and you can be there live! Due to the automatic bandwidth regulation, access to the conference center is possible in almost real time with an appropriate Internet connection.
This way, communication can be maintained even in times of crisis!


Real Remote Workplaces and connection to existing KVM systems

the connection to already existing KVM systems (manufacturer independent) is done via a FLEXline local unit

We all learned during the COVID crisis that business continuity is an extremely important factor in all sectors of the economy. It has become clear to all of us that an immediate switch to remote workplaces is a „must“ and that the coverage of additional demand for remote workplaces must be covered over a certain period of time to ensure a smooth workflow. With the kvm-tec 4Future REAL REMOTE system it is possible, for example, to work from remote workplaces in the KVM system in the broadcast sector. kvm-tec has also developed a technology to connect the new generation FLEXline Full HD Extender
to existing systems to enable modern and crisis-proof workplaces at low cost. The REAL REMOTE system was developed in addition to our kvm-tec 4Future High perfomance KVM system, where flexible customized, future proofed, secure engineered and hardware optimized
set the new trends in the KVM world.

go to  KVM4Future


Read the playbook  PLAYBOOK - Education environments  & Conference Center

inclusive Checklists & KVM Components



...where our technical innovations are born
… where our technical innovations are born

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