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„Some predict the future, we develop technologies with passion  to create it“

PROgaming Edition for highly professional and high end gamers & for all "behind the games" applications

Arenas, Roadshows, Broadcast &  Controlrooms, Postproduction, Digital Signage & Video Walls

„We develop with a purpose that gamers can play with a passion and all applications behind the scenes can level up the extended reality“

PROgamer Products & functions

kvm-tec PROgaming Edition has an optimal color depth with 4:4:4 color per pixel and allows up to 30 bit color depth, as required for professional or high - end applications. 1920x1080, uncompressed, 240 Hz, 10 bit color depth.

All extenders are compatible with standard network switches (10G for 4K). In the matrix switching system, for example, the content of a gaming PC can be displayed in real time on a video wall.

Time to level up !


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Arenas & Tournaments - where the emotions are gaming

Arena für esports  sind die neuen Movie Theaters

Action, grandiose Events, spannende Finali und großartige Athleten und Zuschauer, die Gamer anfeuern und die Stimmung vor den spannenden Matchen nochmals aufheizen und Spiele, die an Millionen Fans übertragen werden.

Da muss die Technologie einfach stimmen, denn in der Arena sind eine Vielzahl von Kabeln versteckt, PCs werden aufgestellt, Technik in den Serverrrom ausgelagert. Die Bühnen müssen flexible gestaltet werden, je nach Anzahl der Spieler. Auf großen Turnieren ist alles fertig installiert und die Spieler dürfen nur das Spiel starten und ihre Eisntellungen vornehmen. USb Sticks, Maus oder Headsetes mitzubringen ist ein absolutes Tabu. In der Postproduction wird im Hintergrund alles live gestreamt und an Ton, Licht und Graphics gearbeitet. KVM Extender erfüllen hier die Anforderungen durch verzögerunsfreie Übertragung, Switching System und innovativen Features im KVM System, wie Push & Get Command zur Videowall, oder Sharing auf Videowalls.

„Time for action „





Gaming without Any noise

For professional use, the high concentration of the player is an absolute must. With KVM technology, the computers can be relocated to the server room and egaming without noise is thus possible.  The local extenders are located in the server room. Only the remote unit is located at the gaming place. No fans are installed in the devices and therefore there is no disturbing noise.


kvm-tec functionality
Innovative solutions enable features such as mouse, glide & switch, 4K multivew commander, USB sharing and much more for the perfect game and behind the scene applications.

Roadshows - Games on the road

On road shows, like the arenas, the atmosphere of the gaming experience must be communicated. The OB Van Team should be able to concentrate on the players and the technology must be perfect. With the proven KVM technology of kvm-tec and the experience in the equipment of OB vans a relaxed gaming on the road is possible.

Beside state-of-the-art technology, a compact design with a wide range of functions and features is required. All kvm-tec extenders of the FLEXline product series have an ultra slim design and allow the installation of 4 dual extenders in a 19" rack.

kvm-tec extenders meet the requirements of large to small OB vans by compact design, compatibility with standard network components, super fast switching and the kvm-tec functionalities. kvm-tec extenders can be installed space-saving in OB vans or easily transported in hard cases. Due to the compatibility with standard network components and the implemented UDP technology, almost all standard switches can be combined and the requirements of a small matrix of 2 x 2 up to a matrix of up to 2000 endpoints can be fulfilled. 

„Our gear is packed and ready to go !“

PROgamer Flexibility

KVM devices need a great flexibility in gaming, because in large arenas the units are integrated into a network and on roadshows it is necessary that the units can be transported very flexible and easy with the rest of the equipment (best in a hardcase) and can be set up super fast and easy. PROgamer Extender from kvm-tec fulfill both requirements, because the units are compatible with standard network components and fulfill the requirements of a large matrix switching system up to 2000 endpoints in the arena and the easy going switching system for gaming on the road.


network security - stay secured with kvm-tec

The PC technology offers the highest security in the using standard network switches, kvm-tec extenders guarantee this highest security standard, which is used in professional networks. kvm-tec extenders are installed in a separate network, therefore cyber attacks are excluded.

Tamper proof

By outsourcing to the server room, the PC cannot be manipulated. The USB Save feature prevents unauthorized copying of files via USB

Post Production - inside the studio and for storytelling after the game

Especially in post-production, extremely powerful computer technology is required for rendering extremely photorealistic sets, for positioning and moving sets, for tracking movements during live switching to achieve the best possible sound and picture performance. Good teamwork and an ultra-high-resolution workflow for shooting, editing, post-production or rendering and transcoding are necessary.

However, the creative team needs good working conditions, without PC noise and heat emissions, to work optimally and effectively. With KVM extenders and the kvm-tec Matrix Switching System, multiple creative people or producers can operate and access computers simultaneously. The kvm-tec Matrix Switching System for optimal use in post-production. The superfast live preview makes the use for arenas and events complete

„Play beyond reality“




The kvm-tec PROgamer products have an ultra fast response time with zero delay and are made for the ultra high demands of professional gamers and for all behind the scene applications.

Switching systems with standard components up to 2000 endpoints and super fast switching.

All kvm-tec PROgamer extenders are characterized by ultra-fast switching.

Due to the in - house developed switching technology of kvm-tec there is almost no limitation in the number of endpoints in the switching system and due to the control via software the single endpoints (PC, monitor etc) can behave passively. Thus the endpoint needs the information only at the right switching moment, which results in less data consumption in large systems.


In the 4K box - delay-free 4K transmission.
Delay-free 4K transmission, as each line is transmitted immediately using the kvm-tec process. The signal is regenerated by a re-driver and brought to the correct level for perfect transmission. This process is comparable to a ZIP file, where a lot of information is transferred in a very compact way. As with the ZIP file, kvm-tec transfers and "unzips" each pixel and signal in a very compact form. The 4K Extender uses 10 Gbit network technology.

Digital Signage - level up your advertising

Games also need advertising and this is where the Digital Signage application comes into play. Video walls that are controlled via extenders, electronic displays that are centrally managed and are necessary for displaying text or animations. The data for advertising and digital printing are digitally processed, calibrated for the workflow and/or audiovsiulaised. Digital signage is used in arenas, roadshows or public places that require electronic display and are suitable for the target group. The monitor solutions controlled by KVM extenders must provide a flicker-free display and have zero latency. Digital advertising has become established in the gaming sector in a short time, because a change of subject, action subjects in between or using a display area for advertising is possible at any time. With KVM technology, the application can be flexibly adapted to the video wall and KVM functions such as mouse glide& switch sharing, Multiview Commander Sharing simply inspire with new formats and designs to achieve maximum attention.

„Become a Jedi master without ever leaving home.“



Real Remote Workplaces & Remote operation and connection to existing KVM systems

the connection to already existing KVM systems (manufacturer independent) is done via a FLEXline local unit

We all experienced during the COVID crisis that business continuity is an extremely important factor in all business sectors, including Esports and gaming. We all realized that an immediate switch to remote operation and real remote workplaces for postproduction is a "must". Also the coverage of additional needs for remote workplaces over a certain period of time has to be covered to ensure a smooth running of an event.
So it is possible with the kvm-tec 4Future REAL REMOTE system e.g. in the POS, Digital Signage also from Remote Workplaces in the KVM system to work.
kvm-tec has also developed a technology to connect the new generation FLEXline Full HD Extender to already existing KVM systems (manufacturer independent) to enable modern and crisis-proof workplaces at low cost.
The REAL REMOTE system was developed in addition to our kvm-tec 4Future High perfomance KVM system, where flexible customized, future proofed, secure engineered and hardware optimized set the new trends in the KVM world.

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...where our technical innovations are born
… where our technical innovations are born

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