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The kvm-tec Switching System for creative
individuals – post-production

Especially in post-production, extremely powerful computer technology is required to produce the best possible sound and image performance. However, the creative team needs goodworking conditions, without PC noise and heat emissions, in order to work optimally and effectively. With the kvm-tec Matrix Switching System, multiple creative individuals or producers can operate and access computers at the same time. The kvm-tec Matrix Switching System for optimal use in post-production.

The kvm-tec Switching System for organisation
in inside broadcast vans

Broadcast vans require space-saving solutions and optimal working conditions when it comes to noise and heat emissions. The outside broadcast van requires a great deal of technology, and simultaneous connection to the control room  and slo-mo department, in just a few square meters. Each control station must be able to access the central computer in the server simultaneously. In this case, operators switch between computers with the kvm-tec Matrix Switching System.

The kvm-tec Switching System for everything live on the radio

In a live recording, the engineer at the monitoring station must be able to immediately and easily access all connected computers. The PCs are accommodated in a nearby container, and the kvm-tec Matrix Switching System is ideally suited to bridge the distance to the „mobile radio station“. The master control room is connected to the PCs in the engineering container via a dedicated network. The engineer at the monitoring station can access computers while also functioning as an administrator. The on-air personnel are not disturbed during the programme.

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