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kvm-tec Fiber extender likes long distances and tunnels

The kvm-tec fiber extender bridges great distances up to 20km/12mi with a resolution of 1920x1200, making it ideal for tunneling and wherever there are great distances between the remote and local parts.

kvm-tec Fiber Extender has a preference for mix and switch

The combination of kvm-tec copper and kvm-tec fiber extender is unique. Imagine you have outdoor workstations in a refinery and are using the kvm-tec Matrix Switching System, and have a requirement for 10 PC workstations. Now you can create any combination you desire – e.g. 2 workstations with PC and kvm-tec Extender in copper. All PC workstations further away can be decoupled via SFP modules and therefore installed in device kvm-tec Fiber extender.

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… where our technical innovations are born

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