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Whisper over kvm-tec Extenders

Applications such as traffic control centers and control rooms – simply wherever lots of monitors and PCs are used and the concentration of the users at this noise level would be affected. Control rooms in particular require just this level of concentration, as many processes are running and being monitored on the monitors at the same time.

Keep a cool head with kvm-tec Extenders

Robust and reliable kvm-tec Extenders are just right for extreme usage conditions, such as high/low temperatures, and the dust-laden air found on many industrial production lines. kvm-tec Extenders allow space-intensive equipment to be removed, and ensure the best possible operational safety and reliability for permanent use.

kvm-tec Extenders make it possible - even outdoors

All outdoor applications call for particular robustness and reliability, as products in these areas can be afflicted by weather conditions. Thanks to many years of design experience, our products are designed that even hard weather conditions or a harsh operating environment cannot harm them, and that reliable use is guaranteed. This is achieved by installation in waterproof terminals, with a sealed touchscreen and our kvm-tec Extender is integrated in the box.


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