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kvm-tec Fiber Extender - flexible like a module

Fiber devices come with a multimode module as standard, for a range of 500m/160ft. If necessary, a single-mode SFP module can be used for distances up to 20km/12mi. (alternativ)

kvm-tec Fiber Extender enjoys being single

Using bidirectional SFP modules, everything can be transferred with a single fiber line. This saves a lot of money in the case of long lines, in addition, often only a certain limited number of lines are preinstalled.

kvm-tec Fiber Extender copes with high noise levels

Especially in industry, sometimes high noise levels influence the transmission quality. The kvm-tec fiber extender is the master among extenders – completely impervious during transmission and fully lossless.

kvm-tec Fiber Extender loves strong motors and rolling mills

even in the presence of strong motors and rolling mills the kvm-tec fiber extender cannot be interrupted, and can also achieve uninterrupted transmission with the DVI extension.

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