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LVDS Solution

Medical Engineering

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The kvm-tec LVDS solution in the medical industry, clean means sterile

An operating theatre or intensive care unit requires sterile and desinfectable technical devices. The LVDS option is integrated with the monitor into a hermetically sealed steel enclosure with glass front, making it ideally suited to medical applications. And if the operating theatre team want to follow along with the operation on a wall screen or the image will be transmitted via a projector to a university lecture theatre – no problem, because the LVDS option is compatible with the kvm-tec switching option, thus enabling a whole array of different applications.

The LVDS option makes it possible to use aPC in ultra-clean rooms
– where things can never be too clean

Of course we all have an immediate image that comes to mind of workers in white suits, producing microchips or solar cells, for example. In such a use case, not even a single molecule of dirt may be present, and no dust may be stirred up by the PC.

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