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LVDS Solution
Applications & Solutions
LVDS Solution

Pharma & Paper Industry

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The kvm-tec LVDS option, because oil rigs, the pharmaceutical industry, and chocolate
production lines all have one thing in common

The LVDS option allows for fully-encapsulated and explosion-protected terminals. Incidentally, we are collaborating with all of the well-known companies in the explosion-protection sector. All these industries are handling of explosive materials, since all mixtures of air and combustible materials are explosive, be it the gas mixtures coming out of the drilling hole on an oil rig, or the cacao in a chocolate production line.

The kvm-tec LVDS option in industry or gloves and LVDS

In many branches of industry, dirt is a frequently-discussed topic. Just think about a refinery or the chemical production of synthetic fibers. These are places where working without protective clothing is not possible.With the LVDS option, the monitor is integrated into a dust and dirt proof enclosure and it is operated wearing gloves, via the touchscreen.

The kvm-tec LVDS option for control via touchscreen
for hot and harsh conditions

High temperature are often a major problem in paper factories. As the PC is heat-sensitive, this can also cause the failure of the PC under harsh conditions and elevated ambient temperatures, or make use of a PC impossible.

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