kvm-tec Extender are made for smooth & easy connections
KVM can be so simple
Let´s connect
kvm-tec Extender are made for smooth & easy connections
KVM can be so simple
Let´s connect

kvm-tec keeps it simple...

... but it´s really good!


"Being successful means living a great team culture with a focus on the unique personality of each team member and promoting it with openness and appreciation. The result are outstanding products & features with much more profit for the customer".

Ingrid Pfurtscheller,MSc

kvm-tec keeps it simple ...

... but develops with passion
All technologies are in-house developments:
• delay-free video transmission
• USB 2.0 transparent
• latency-free 4K transmission technology, similar to zip files, where the 4K signals are transmitted without delay
One of the benchmarks is to get the most out of the products and thereby achieve an excellent price-performance

kvm-tec keeps it simple ...

... and makes big things come true
Switching systems with standard components up to 2000 endpoints and super-fast switching
Due to the in-house developed switching technology of kvm-tec there is almost no limitation in the number of
endpoints in the switching system and due to the software control the individual endpoints (PC, monitor etc.) can
behave passively. Thus, the endpoint only needs the information at the right switching moment, which results in
less data reverence in large systems.
Switch up @work – the Intelligent kvm-tec Software Solution
to manage all KVM extenders up to 2000 endpoints connected in a matrix switching system. The local and remote
units can be connected or disconnected by touch or mouse click. For a quick overview, the extenders are optimally
arranged and the extender status is highlighted in color.

kvm-tec keeps it simple ...

... and has outstanding products
• the technology developed by kvm-tec enables a perfect combination of video compression and low (< 5ms)
delay time
• all products are equipped with a transparent USB 2.0 transfer developed in-house. This enables tailor made
• transfer via only one cable and supports all USB devices
• perfect USB and video transmission for distances up to 160km/99mi
• delay free 4K technology transmission - 4K videos in real time in 4K 4:4:4 @ 8bit.

kvm-tec keeps it simple ...

... and offers worldwide unique features

4K Multiview Commander - Worldwide new
New worldwide is the 4K Multiview Commander feature for the 4K Ultraline Extender.

On a 4K screen you can control and operate contents of 4 different PCs. By the clever management of the USB transmission
kvm-tec has succeeded in making each screen content individually usable. The
depending on the mouse position, USB signals can be routed to the corresponding PC.
Mouse Glide& Switch as software feature
Mouse glide& switch, the software feature for operating up to 8 monitors with one mouse and one Keyboard.

The arrangement of the monitors is flexible and the solution is comparable to a virtual desktop wall.

kvm-tec keeps it simple ...

... always with an open ear for our customers
We love to speak with our customers
The dedicated team of kvm-tec sets new standards in the sales and support area and is directly at work for
customers around the world to offer the optimal solutions and applications for various market

kvm-tec keeps it simple ...

... and spread out all over the world
From its headquarters in Austria, kvm-tec has started its successful journey around the world.

The sales department in APAC and China complete the international sales. The KVM extenders are used in
projects all over the world and are used by very demanding companies in industry, automation, broadcast, medical
technology, broadcast/TV/radio etc..

...where our technical innovations are born
… where our technical innovations are born

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