kvm-tec Functionality
kvm-tec Functionality
kvm-tec Functionality


kvm-tec = C4


our technical and personal philosophy






connect - our technical philosophy

CONNECT kvm-tec extender in matrix switching systems.

Up to 2000 endpoints can be connected and have a superfast switching. You can connect a variety of different sources (servers, workstations, PCs, surveillance cameras, video walls and much more) and operate and control the switching system centrally.
Network environment; 1 or 10 Gbit bandwidth
IGMP Snooping (for video sharing)

Connect - our personal philosophy

Our philosophy is on the one hand to make it as easy as possible for our users and on the other hand to use as high security standards as possible (therefore all our extenders are compatible with standard network components to use the high PC standard).



collaborate - our technical philosophy

COLLABORATE - kvm-tec extenders are installed with Standard Networkcomponents in a separate network, therefore cyber attacks are impossible. The huge benefit is safety against cyber attacks  and reliability in various applications , such as medicine, airports, air traffic control, industry, public buildings. The KVM Technology over IP benfits from the high security level in PC networks.

Another feature is the kvm-tec feature "USB save".  This feature prevents the intrusion of viruses via the USB interface by deactivating mass storage devices.

Mix & Match for all kvm-tec extenders, because all units can work in real time with 60Hz in Full HD or 4K resolution.

collaborate - our personal philosophy

COLLABORATE means for us  supporting our sales partners in the best possible way in order to grow and succeed together. The kvm-tec team has developed a passion which means - maintain your relationships in the best possible way. This applies to all customer relations on the one hand and to the relationships within the kvm-tec team on the other hand. kvm-tec is also affectionately called kvm-tec family by the team members.


communicate - our technical philosophy

COMMUNICATE - in your switching system with our kvm-tec Switching Manager Software. The local and remote extenders are optimally arranged and the extender status is highlighted in color. With the kvm-tec system computers and servers can be moved from the workstation to the central server room. Thus a high security level is possible. This also reduces ambient heat and noise at the workplace and the user benefits from an ergonomic and low-noise workplace.

communicate - Our personal philosophy

communicate means for us - We love to speak with our customers. The dedicated team of kvm-tec is setting new standards in sales and support and is directly at work for customers around the world to find the optimal solutions and applications for a wide range of market areas - with passion for sales.


control - our technical philosophy

CONTROL  the application optimally with the kvm-tec in-house developments, such as USB 2.0 transmission, video compression without latency, only one cable for USB and video transmission, no latency.  With our unique features each user can access multiple PC sources and control and operate up to 16 screens with one mouse and keyboard. Video transmission without any delay and a central video wall can be integrated to share all information in real time            

control - our personal philosophy

control means for us  to train our sales partners worldwide and educate them on our products. On the other hand, control also means for us that we would not hand over our support to a call centre, but always have an open ear for our customers and to solve any problems even when the shoe pinches



...where our technical innovations are born
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… where our technical innovations are born

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