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We are pleased that you are interested in our product media4Kconnect.

12 G SDI - 4K is available in stand alone, redundant and uncompressed

for point-to-point connection or in switching systems up to 2000 endpoints in fiber single

We have put together an info box for you which contains videos and information about kvm-tec engineered system media4Kconnect.

Have fun exploring our product !

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fancy video presentation

Video C4

kvm-tec Functionality


Sheets 12 G SDI - 4K

media4Kconnect 12G SDI -4K Extender

media4Kconnect 12G SDI - 4K  redundant & uncompressed


Technical Sheets

media4Kconnect 12G SDI - 4K  Extender

media4Kconnect 12G SDI - 4K redundant

media4Kconnect 12GSDI - 4K  uncompressed


media4Kconnect 12G SDI-4K in the  Switching Manager

Switching Manager Sheet


When we configure & test the switching system for you

Installation & Testing


the full story




Marketing Data Sheet & Technical Data Sheet,
in additional languages - English and Chinese in the download area of the product 

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… where our technical innovations are born

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