First Aid Box media4Kconnect

Even after a successful sale, Customer Care & Support is very important to us. Since you have contacted our support,  something doesn't quite go according to your wishes -

we would like to apologize in advance and, of course, offer you the fastest possible support.

You can reach our support team directly at

+43/2253/81912-30 (MO-DO. 8.00 -16.00/8.00 am 6.00 pm & FR 8.00-18.00/ 8.00am - 4.00 PM)

Our support team will answer your questions specifically.


In the First Aid Box, we have prepared all documents required for the installation - or a support case

Your First Aid Box for media4Kconnect 12 GSDI - 4K

12G SDI 


 Short description for your Installation media4K 12G SDI - 4K

When you install your media4Kconnect extender in a switching system 


Manual Switching Manager Software


 Supporting questions and checklists for the support case


Video C4

kvm-tec functionality



TechniCAL SHEET 12GSDI redundant

TechniCAL SHEET  12G SDI  uncompresed



all technical data at a glance


Support sheet

Sheet for tracking in our support system


Technical data sheet, Quickinstructions and First Aid you can find in

additional languages - English and Chinese in the download section of the product 

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… where our technical innovations are born

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