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With a few steps to the right extender



All kvm-tec extenders can be used for point to point connections and matrix switching systems with standard network components.

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If you would like to find out more about the technical specifications, then the Click & Connect configuratorm Here you can see the specifications at a glance and by clicking the button you can read more  information

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There are always more ways to the goal !

Therefore now two ways, which lead to the most suitable Extender

either via KVM Extender Compatibilities - which Extenders can be combined in a system


with the direct selection of the KVM Extender - Full HD - 4K Extender or a mixed system

Just decide for one possibility and you are ready to go !

Select over KVM Extender Compatibility

With this possibility we differentiate KVM Extender, which can be combined in one system - kvm-tec 4Future system and the KVM Extender, which do not need a user system - like EASYline and the Extender of the CLASSICline - the proven kvm-tec technology.

On the graphic we present you the KVM Extender and you get by clicking on the button directly to the product.


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Selection via KVM Extender

With this option you can choose between Full HD, 4K or mixed KVM system. Whether you want to install a redundant or PoE version, or which products have the software features - such as Mouse glide & Switch or 4K Multiview Commander integrated. We stay transparent - the recommended retail prices are always listed with the products for better orientation.


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Some more information about kvm-tec Benefits & KVM System Design

LEt´s talk about the kvm-tec benefits

as well as in house support the kvm-tec benefits are part of our philosophy - we keep it simple!

With READY for testing you can test every KVM Extender for 14 days free of charge and with the included tablet we will give you detailed information about your test device in a 30 minute talk.



If you like we will also configure and test the KVM system before delivery to you and with Ready for Installation we will look directly over your shoulder with our live support.


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WE love to speak with our customers

We will gladly design your application for you!

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...where our technical innovations are born
… where our technical innovations are born

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