… where our technical innovations are born!
… where the technical innovations are born!

The kvm-tec products:

Classicline 48, Classicline 2000, Flexline
media4Kconnect, Gateway & Gateway2go

Switching System, Switching Manager & API

Mounting Kits

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FLEXline  the clever customized KVM System from kvm-tec. 

All FLEXline Extender have an ultra slim casing, are available in a single and dual version, have embedded sound are compatible with standard network components up to 100/1000 endpoints and are delivered with kvm-tec Switching Manager Software
Flexline saves you space in a rack- 4 single or 4 dual Extender in 1RU.

REDUNDANT for high security in critical applications

SMARTflex, MASTERflex, MAXflex, USBflex


Classicline 48

Ultra-reliable KVM Extender over IP for USB and DVI videosignal transmission,  single and dual version, resolution 1920x1200@60Hz, max. distance 150m/492ft -160km/99mi , USB2.0 transparent, USB save Feature, USB Memory, Switching System up to 48 endpoints



Classicline 2000

Matrixline - the big player and 4KUltraline DP 1.2 the 4K Extender - It´s not only a solution – it´s a revolution.

KVM Extender over IP for Switching Systems up to 2000 endpoints.

Innovative features -Mouse glide & Switch and 4K Multiview Commander the ergonomic solutions for many applications




media4Kconnect - kvm-tec engineered 4K System

4K Extender DP1.2 + redundant + uncompressed

Ultraslim 4K Displayport 1.2 Extender over IP, the base for the modular 4k Systems  DP1.2 Extender over IP at a resolution up to 4096 x 2160 @60 Hz in fiber with a range pf 300m/984 ft and opt 120km/74.5mi, for Matrix Switching Systems up to 2000 endpoints.



kvm-tec Gateway - the perfect combination of a real-time  KVM system and a flexible remote desktop system

kvm-tec Gateway2go -Windows App for live  pics from the Switching System


Switching Manager & API & Switching Systems

Super- fast without second delay for matrix switching systems up to 2000 endpoints

kvm-tec Switching Manager Software -  the intelligent software solution for managing and controlling all KVM extenders in the switching system up to 2000 endpoints.

kvm-tec API - the programming interface to enable your software to be connected


Features & Technical Insights

worldwide unique and innovative features

4K Multiview Commander - contents of 4 different PCs can be controlled and operated on one 4K screen

 Softwarefeature Mouse Glide & Switch for operating up to 8 monitors with one mouse and one Keyboard.

all technologies are in-house developments
delay-free video transmission, USB 2.0 transparent, latency-free 4K transmission technology


Add ons & Accessories

Rack mounting kits, under table mounting kit, vesa mounting and din rail mounting for mounting all kvm-tec extender.

SFP modules for different distances, cable and power supplies


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...where our technical innovations are born
KVM Relaunch
… where our technical innovations are born

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