kvm-tec Extender are made for smooth & easy connections
KVM can be so simple
Let´s connect
kvm-tec Extender are made for smooth & easy connections
KVM can be so simple
Let´s connect

KVM extensores over IP y sistemas de conmutación - kvm-tec, el fabricante austriaco


¡Bienvenido a nuestra página web! Nos complace presentarles nuestros sistemas de extensión y conmutación KVM, que se desarrollan y producen en Europa, más precisamente en Austria.


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It´s time to celebrate – kvm-tec gateway2GO won the BEST OF SHOW 2022 award of the InfoComm Show!

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After a long break, we finally get to travel to trade shows again.

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kvm-tec explica - ¿QUÉ ES UN EXTENSOR KVM?

Definición y muchos datos interesantes sobre el extensor KVM

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E-Sports briefly explained

Broadcast briefly explained

ScalableLine briefly explained

kvm-tec describes itself  - What is the kvm-tec spirit ?

Powerful, innovative , classy, made of curiositiy, creativity and a lot of teamwork

It is this spirit that drives us to develop and fine - tune our product range in order to create and design innovative KVM solutions with an excellent price - performance ratio for our customers.

Can I catch the kvm-tec Spirit?

No, but we deliver it to you with our KVM Extender over IP in Fiber and Copper and Multiview Commander Systems USPs. Full HD Extender and 4K KVM Extender over IP can be combined arbitrarily in the KVM Matrix Switching System (no matter if redundant, uncompressed, PoE ) and all KVM Extenders can be used with standard network components in the KVM Matrix Switching System. superfast Switching up to 2000 endpoints and more (expandable endpoints).

Would you like  more kvm-tec spirit?

Connecting and adding some KVM Extenders is one thing, but sending 2 video streams with different resolutions to different monitors is another thing - simultaneous downscaling from 4K to Full HD.

Full HD Extender and 4K KVM Extenders over IP in redundant, uncompressed, native uncompressed transmission, 12 GSDI-4K


Multiview Commander System - up to 16 Free scalable windows in 4K and Full HD and video wall function, PIP, cut it out, overlapping windows and even more Spirit

ECOsmart for zero space in the rack - the smallest KVM Extender over IP with big function  

Gateway solutions for remote workplaces and access to virtual machines. With the kvm-tec Switching Manager Software and Local Units a complete KVM system can be built (the PC is used as remote part).

The heart of the kvm-tec Spirit?

Our in-house developments - like USB2.0 for maximum flexibility, video compression, a latency of 0.47 ms and the creative minds behind it, who develop, market and internationally sell all KVM Extenders over IP and KVM Matrix Switching Systemssystems exactly with this kvm-tec spirit.


Let's connect and share the kvm-tec spirit!




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…donde se inventan nuestras innovaciones técnicas
…donde se inventan nuestras innovaciones técnicas

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