Homebase (Kopie 1)
… wo unsere technischen Innovationen erfunden werden
4K Displayport 1.2 Ultraline Extender (Kopie 1)
It´s not only a solution - It´s a 4K revolution
MX Matrixline (Kopie 2)
Der Big Player im Matrix Switching System
MVX Masterline (Kopie 1)
Das Universalgenie mit vielen Optionen
SVX Smartline (Kopie 1)
Das smarte Preisgenie
kvm-tec Switching System (Kopie 1)
Matrix Switching System – das Verbindungsgenie
… donde se inventan nuestras innovaciones técnicas
4k Displayport 1.2 Ultraline Extender
No sólo una solución - Es una revolución 4K
MX2000 Matrixline
El gran jugador en el sistema de conmutación de matriz
MVX Masterline
El genio universal con muchas opciones
SVX Smartline
El genio inteligente del precio
kvm-tec Switching System
Sistema de conmutación de matriz - el genio de la conexión

Adventure Box

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Adventure Box Stories

Ain´t no mountain high enough - not for kvm-tec!

The kvm-tec spirit means to be creative, innovative and to have fun with our work.

For 2019 we have placed our product launch for the upcoming shows in Amsterdam -  ISE and USA . NAB and Infocomm (such as 4K Ultraline Extender, Matrix Switching System up to 2000 endpoints or another sensational new product line) under the theme Adventures. In this Adventures there are always tasks for the kvm-tec team to solve! So once a car race must be won and for that the racing car will be equipped with the 4K Ultraline Extender to be super fast. Another time a ski resort in Austria has to be equipped with the Matrix Switching System up to 2000 endpoints and the kvm-tec Adventure Team has to learn to climb.


Let us take you into the world of storytelling and accompany you on our creative adventures.

kvm-tec always has the right solution and through the team spirit the team always succeeds in finding a solution!

We at kvm-tec always used the stories and photo shootings for our teambuilding and at kvm-tec every team member becomes a star during our photo shootings and video shoots and it is great fun for everyone!


Speed up your KVM - as fast as our Switching

kvm-tec Racing Adventures - the race will be won with the 4K Ultraline Extender

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