Game sophisticated

"Don’t just play the game; feel it."

Game sophisticated

high refreh rates and sophisticated unique features

High Refresh Rates

The PROgaming Edition from kvm-tec supports frame rates up to 240 Hz in full HD resolution and thus enables super-sharp and delay-free images for perfect gaming.


Applications behind the games

For all applications "behind the games or extended broadcast" like Broadcast-and Controlrooms, Outdoor broadcasting, Postproduction, Digital Signage & Videowall kvm-tec enables with a wide product range the optimal solution from Full HD up to 4K extenders and a KVM system with a variety of functions.

Only one cable

A single fiber cable can transfer up to 10km at a video resolution of up to 4096 x 2048 bi 60 Hz or 1920 x 1080 at 240 Hz USB and video.


line-to line transmission

The in-house developed line-to-line transmission enables real-time transmission without delay.


Mouse movement without any delay

For the 4KPROgamer an absolutely delay-free mouse movement is required. kvm-tec makes this possible by a perfect in-house developed video compression, which allows a zero latency.


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