… wo unsere technischen Innovationen erfunden werden
the kvm-tec customized System
… wo unsere technischen Innovationen erfunden werden
the kvm-tec customized system

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FLEXline-the csutomized System

FLEXline ist das clevere, customized KVM-System von kvm-tec.  Alle FLEXline Extender haben ein ultraflaches Gehäuse, sind in einer Single- und Dual-Version erhältlich, haben embedded Sound, sind kompatibel mit Standard-Netzwerkkomponenten.
FLEXline spart Platz im Rack - 4 single oder 4 dual Extender in 1HE.

Für Punkt zu Punkt Verbindung oder in Matrix Switching Systemen bis zu 100 Endpunkte, MAXflex und USBflex bis 1000 Endpunkte.

Die kvm-tec Switching Manager Software - Switch up@work-  für ein intuitives Management im Switching System ist inkludiert.

Features -   freeze last image, mouse glide & Switch bei MAXflex inkludiert

USB 2.0 in house Entwicklung, USB-Save feature, USB Emulation Mode & USB Sharing

die von kvm-tec entwickelte Technologie ermöglicht eine perfekte Kombination zwischen Videokompression und geringer    (< 5ms) Verzögerungszeit

Für high security bei kritischen Applikationen sind FLEXline single Extender redundant















ISE Amsterdam Booth 5 - V110

NAB Las Vegas Booth SU13013

media4Kconnect - the engineered system

4K Displayport 1.2 Extender over IP im ultraslim Gehäuse  in Fiber mit redundatem secure Modul für alle kritischen Anwendungen.Der 4K Extender hat eine Reichweite von 300m bei einer Auflösung von 4096x2160 @ 60Hz mit einer perfekten Farbkodierung mit 4:4:4 @8 bit pro Farbe. Der 4K Extender überträgt durch das uncompressed Modul alle extremen Bitmuster ohne Artefakte und ist für alle Anwendungen, die eine hohe Präzision erfordern geeignet.

Die perfekte Videoübertragung ermöglicht eine verzögerungsfreie Übertragung der Signale. Auch extreme Bitmuster werden originalgetreu übertragen.  USB und Video wird über ein Kabel übertragen. 4K Videos in Echtzeit.

Keep it simple and buy what you need

Durch das einzigartige Modular aufgebaute 4K System von kvm-tec kann das real uncompressed Modul auch erst nachträglich upgegraded werden.






media4Kconnect uncompressed




ISE Amsterdam Booth 5 - V110

NAB Las Vegas Booth SU13013

kvm-tec and PROgamer im esport

Die innovative und bewährte kvm-tec-Technologie als

PROgaming-Ausgabe für hochprofessionelle und high end Player


für alles Applicationen „behind the games“ Arenas, Roadshows,
Broadcast & Controllrooms, Postproduction, Digital Signage & Video Walls

„Some predict the future, we develop technolgies with passion to create it!




with kvm-tec into the matrix

KVM systems at low density are easy to manage, there is need to have deliberate installation and configuration by the administrator for at scale management. A small number of KVMs are manageable by the use of necessary tools like the command line, the Graphical user interface or On Screen Display (OSD menu). When an administrator wants to employ KVMs on large scale where thousands of servers or PC-targets are available, the administrator needs to employ careful measures like deliberate installation, continuous optimization, and careful configuration. This is because massive scale deployment requires cautious maintenance and servicing. A standard host software for building the desired KVM environment is necessary for the administrators to have a good and manageable system. A plan is required whenever an administrator wants to manage KVM at scale. “If you plan on expanding your network, always remember, you have to expand your bandwidth too” said Degenhard Trubacek network support engineer at kvm-tec. Some issues can create a nightmare scenario that damages the quality of the KVM deployment, and they include haphazard, unchecked growth and bandwidth bottlenecking. Therefore, to avoid these problems administrators need to have a standardized deployment for KVM hardware, they need to build the environment with scale in mind, automate the building process to save time and limit the manual interactions. Administrators’ would benefit from using kvm-tec’s Switching Manager Software which will support simple live migration, firmware updates and configuration access rights will also be required for there to be easy updating process.

Need for a dedicated network

There is need to have a separate dedicated network, and this is because High-performance KVM solutions have adopted a transformed way of implementing KVM. A standard network is required as the core infrastructure of its matrix systems, for there to be flexibility and scalability of the system. The need for having a dedicated network when building a matrix switching system is highly required. The matrix is a combination of switches and extenders enabling the user to have admittance to multiple computers over console, and the management tool regulates them all. Ensuring that there is a dedicated network for the KVM extenders and switch is a pivotal point when configuring a matrix network. The dedicated network is a connection that is not shared, and is more secure, as they can be isolated from the public internet (Rutkowski, Bassett, & Bellwood, 2016). A dedicated network has only its commitment on the packets of data transfers from transmitter, to the switch and to the receiver, ensuring that there is no disruption and less latency between switching. “KVM matrix system is using the full bandwidth of the network switches, e.g. 1GBit for full HD devices and 10GBit for 4k devices. This bandwidth has to support from and to any endpoint in the system. This is only possible to use structured cabling technics all over the system. When the network is used for other IT purposes, it could happen that there is not enough bandwidth left”. Said Dietmar Pfurtscheller, CEO kvm-tec.

In conclusion, KVM is a device that provides a various range of solutions and can be a great administrator tool to help manage the network. To reach the full potential of a KVM extender, there needs to be a dedicated network and always remember, “When you expand your network, you need to expand your bandwidth”.

redundancy with media4K connect

Redundancy: Growing to become a mandatory norm in the IT industry

In today’s world there is a huge amount of focus on Digital transformation and with this comes the requirement of having IT infrastructure systems running 24/7 with minimum or no disruption in an unlikely event of failures This ranges from having dual power supplies inputs on individual units/devices to network system which can support multiple routes for network packets to be routed from source to destination and back and data backup and recovery with disaster recovery plan. Of course, all this come at a cost and with the requirement of having this Data available 24/7 with key focus on improved productivity and response time it is becoming absolutely crucial for companies to think about making their infrastructure redundant.

In the KVM world we often refer to the requirements of having KVM systems and the most important aspect and key of deploying matrix based KVM is to increase productivity and keep the CPU units holding the data in a physical climate control secure room with controlled access to the operators

This not only reduces noise and heat generated by the devices but also makes maintenance distraction free for both the IT department and the individual operators carrying out their day to day task. KVM extenders can transit signals in real time over a long distance with no loss in quality and operators don’t even realize that they are operating their computers remotely.

However, if these KVM/AV networks and extenders are not set with redundancy a small failure of a switch or a TX/RX unit can result in downtime and loss of productivity.

We at kvm-tec offer dual network ports on our tx/rx set in active/active mode to be connected to different switches and in case one switch fails the other one can still transmit the computer signal resulting in no loss of signal or productivity for the user.

...wo unsere technischen Innovationen erfunden werden
KVM Relaunch
… wo unsere technischen Innovationen erfunden werden

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