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play with the Playbook
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play with the Playbook
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Broadcast & Post Production
Broadcast & Post Production
Broadcast & Post Production

广电 & 后期制作


广电行业,媒体制作,录音室和演播室以及后期制作都要求无损传输和高可靠性.尤其是在演播室和户外转播车里,占用空间也是一个需要考虑的问题.据此kvm-tec不仅推出了市场商体积最小的4K延长器盒子, 以及FLEXline高清双屏延长器,1U机架可以安装4台双屏设备,从而可以极大节省诸如户外转播车中的寸土寸金空间, 为了减少演播室内地噪声并避免不必要的热量.可通过矩阵切换系统将PC和发送端置于空调温度较低的服务器,然后在控制坐席放置工作站来通过网线或光纤连接到机房内的计算机上,每个坐席的用户都可以访问矩阵系统中的每台计算机,kvm-tec提供了超级快速切换,方便的软件功能,以及USB高速模式或仿真模式的共享,还有诸如鼠标滑屏切换成友好的人机交互特性来优化演播室内的工作流程


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Studio - where Live is live

KVM in the TV studio must meet the latest technological and ergonomic requirements. By outsourcing the PCs to the server room, the necessary silence for the producers is ensured and there are also no heat emissions in the production area, whether during live broadcasts, recording or the production of raw material for later processing.

A multiple arrangement of monitors comparable to a desktop wall is required and kvm-tec meets these requirements with the innovative solution of the 4K Multiview Commander as well as with the software solution Mouse glide & switch.

Features like capturing - 4K uncompressed screen shot, downscaling - display of a 4K image on a full HD monitor, superfast live preview make the application for broadcast studio complete.

Superfast Switching without any limit
A must in broadcast areas - all kvm-tec extenders need superfast switching and are compatible with standard network components. And on top the kvm-tec switching system is expandable at any time by endpoint packages. Today 50 tomorrow 100.



Postproduction - where High Performance makes life easier

In post-production, the most important thing is editing and good digital post-processing of the images. Adding music or soundtracks are also important steps.  Since concentration is required here, flexibility and an integrated workflow are a must. Reliability of products and modern powerful equipment. The outsourcing of PCs to the server room allows undisturbed work. Simultaneous workstations are made possible by software features such as 4K Multiview Commander, Mouse glide & Switch. With the KVM MATRIX SWITCHING system, multiple creative minds or producers can operate and access computers simultaneously. The KVM MATRIX switching system for optimal use in post-production.

Full HD and 4K extenders can be combined in the network. Therefore, there is a great price advantage, because 4K is used where 4K is really needed.  


Outside Broadcast Van-where saving space in the rack is the hot topic

The high performance technology for the latest broadcasting technology for live broadcasts and events. In the OB Van there is a central computer technology, which must be reached from all seats - be it control room or Slo Mo. With the software feature Mouse Glide & Switch up to 16 monitors can be operated with one mouse and one keyboard. Fast switching is necessary and since with kvm-tec technology each switching endpoint is passive, switching without any limit is possible. With the switching manager software switch up@work the management of the system can be done very comfortably via the admin station. Because the computers are located in the server area, there is no noise or heat emission.   



Radio Studio - kvm-tec goes on air

The kvm-tec switching system for everything live on the radio: In a live recording, technicians at the monitoring station must have immediate and easy access to all connected computers. Since a PC in the OB van or in the recording studio would generate a lot of noise, it is placed in a container near the OB van or in the server room.  To bridge the distance to the „mobile radio station“ or to the server room, the kvm-tec switching system is ideally suited. The master control room is connected to the PCs in the technology container via a network. The technician at the monitoring station can access computers and also act as an administrator. The on-air staff is not disturbed during the broadcast. The kvm-tec gateway can be used to access virtual machines. The Windows App Gateway2go can be used to display live images of a specific local unit. The app replaces the remote unit and increases the mobility of the user.


Real Remote Workplaces and connection to alreday existing KVM systems

the connection to already existing KVM systems (manufacturer independent) is done via a FLEXline local unit

We all learned during the COVID crisis that business continuity is an extremely important factor in all sectors of the economy. It has become clear to all of us that an immediate switch to remote workplaces is a „must“ and that the coverage of additional demand for remote workplaces must be covered over a certain period of time to ensure a smooth workflow. With the kvm-tec 4Future REAL REMOTE system it is possible, for example, to work from remote workplaces in the KVM system in the broadcast sector. kvm-tec has also developed a technology to connect the new generation FLEXline Full HD Extender
to existing systems to enable modern and crisis-proof workplaces at low cost. The REAL REMOTE system was developed in addition to our kvm-tec 4Future High perfomance KVM system, where flexible customized, future proofed, secure engineered and hardware optimized
set the new trends in the KVM world.

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