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In the medical sector, the latency-free transmission is an essential part of ensuring that everything runs smoothly during surgeries or live broadcasting at universities or congresses.
 The transmission must be smooth and with visually lossless compression. The latency for 4K extenders at kvm-tec is below 2ms and 1.38ms for Full HD extenders. Therefore, live broadcasting without „stuttering“ is possible with kvm-tec.
 In the medical field, a redundant transmission and uncompressed is essential. Usually, this is not possible - uncompressed and redundant.
 However, kvm-tec has made the impossible possible here to fulfill this requirement in the medical field.

Uncompressed redundant
A completely new standard has been developed to enable uncompressed - native 4K transmission also redundantly.
If one link fails, the second link immediately takes over the transmission in compressed form. Due to the in-house developed visual lossless compression, no difference is noticeable. For all applications where pixel-perfect, native transmission and redundancy are a major factor.



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Surgery Rooms uncompressed x redundant = medical safe

In clinics or hospitals or the central surgery rooms, a large number of signal sources, such as overhead cameras for the surgery, planning computers, endoscope cameras, are required and must be coordinated. With the installation of the kvm-tec Switching System and the flexible combination of Full HD Extender with 4K Extender, many things become simpler and easier to coordinate. A click on the touch display on camera or monitor icons simply connects them with the uncompressed version of the media4kconnent; the image of the endoscope is transmitted directly and without artifacts. With the capturing function, a screenshot can be stored on a drive at the touch of a button without additional hardware.

 In surgery rooms, redundancy is a major safety criterion, because if one port fails, the second one takes over immediately.
 Hygienic & clean workstations
 Mouse glide& switch as a software feature allows up to 16 monitors to be operated with just one keyboard and mouse. With the 4KMultiview Commander
 4 different PC contents can be displayed and operated on one 4K screen. Due to the outsourcing of the PCs to the server room, there are also no flying around particles, which are whirled by PC fans into the air. The Remote Unit can be integrated by medical manufacturers into hermetically sealed and disinfectable displays.


The Live Braodcasting from the Surgery Rooms - because KVM Extender like to transfer know - how

For students at universities and teaching centers or congresses, perfect transmission for operations is an essential component of medical knowledge.
Therefore, pixel-perfect transmission without delay is a must for medical broadcasting
 With the visual lossless video compression developed in-house. With a latency of 1.38ms for Full HD Extender, broadcasting from surgery rooms can be smooth and without delay for students or doctors.

 Some of the functionalities of kvm-tec that make know-how transmission easy: Video sharing get & multi-show, or video-sharing cross with a supervisor.
 With mouse glide & switch, images can be directly shared on a video wall or on screens in the surgery rooms or the lecture hall.



Infopoints - State-of-the-art KVM for good orientation

Modern technology is well arranged in Info terminals and Touch Screen Displays. In info terminals, the remote units for the touch monitors are well packed and the local units with the switch are stored in an extra server room. This allows an easy and intuitive handling at the POS - we keep it simple!

For smaller POS the new generation Full HD Extender over IP is worth considering. With the feature Bridging a switching without a switch is possible.

In front bridging, one or two monitors can display the content of the PCs simultaneously with different images and can be operated alternatively on the right and left sides.

In back bridging, one dual local extender can be shared with two single remote extenders. For all applications that require monitoring at different locations




Diagnostics in the magnetic resonance tomograph - where doctor & patient can rely on KVM Extender

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI, MR, MRI) is a technical method used in medical diagnostics for imaging structures and functions of tissues and organs in the body. A very strong magnetic field is generated around the patient. Subsequently, certain atomic nuclei in the body are stimulated to resonate by means of high-frequency radio wave pulses. These then emit energy in the form of electromagnetic waves, which are picked up by receiver coils surrounding the patient. With the help of a computer, many measurements in different directions are combined to form a tomogram.  In this application, the Local Extender is installed at the MRI scanner and the transmitted images can be displayed on the screen outside the MRI scanner. With the 4K Multiviw Commander, the data from 4 Pcs (local sources ) are not only displayed on a 4K screen, but can also be processed immediately. For a consortium of physicians, the data can also be conveniently shared on a video wall with the 4K Multiview Commander.

Uncompressed: for reporting, 10 bit per color absolutely faithful to the original, no „data manipulation



Real Remote Workplaces & Remote operation and connection to already existing KVM

the connection to already existing KVM systems (manufacturer independent) is done via a FLEXline local unit

We all learned during the COVID crisis that business continuity is an extremely important factor in all sectors of the economy. It has become clear to all of us that an immediate switch to remote workplaces and remote operation is a "must" and also that the coverage of additional needs for remote workplaces must be covered over a certain period of time to ensure a smooth workflow.
So with the kvm-tec 4Future REAL REMOTE system it is possible to work also from remote workplaces in the KVM system.
kvm-tec has also developed a technology to connect the new generation FLEXline Full HD Extender to already existing KVM systems (manufacturer independent) to enable modern and crisis-proof workplaces at low cost.
The REAL REMOTE system was developed in addition to our kvm-tec 4Future High perfomance KVM system, where flexible customized, future proofed, secure engineered and hardware optimized set the new trends in the KVM world.


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