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With the freely scalable ScalableLINE in 4K/5K and Full HD, there are almost no limits to the system architecture of a KVM system in the Situation Room. Up to 16 sources can be assigned arbitrarily via the user interface, displayed on one monitor, scaled arbitrarily and operated. PIP and overlapping windows, cut it out - parts of an image can be cut out and and and and . . .

with the CLASSICline Multiviewer up to 4 sources can be displayed and operated on one 4K screen. The USB signals can be routed to the corresponding PC depending on the mouse position. The ergonomic solution for control rooms

What do the freely scalable SCALABLEline and CLASSICline have in common ?

For the operation of the KVM Multivew Commander systems from kvm-tec is done with only one mouse and one keyboard




mit der frei skalierebaren ScalableLINE in 4K/5K und Full HD  sind der Systemarchitektur eines KVM Systems im Situation Room nahezu keine Grenzen gesetzt. Bis zu 16 Quellen können beliebig über das Userinterface  zugeordnet werden, auf einem Monitor dargestellt, beliebig gescaled und bedient werden. PIP und overlapping Windows, Cut it out - Teile eines Images können ausgeschnitten werden und und und und  . . .

mit dem dem CLASSICline Multiviewer können bis zu 4 Quellen auf einem 4K Screen, dargestellt und bedient werden. Die USB Signale können je nach Mausposition auf den entsprechenden PC geroutet werden. Die ergonomische Lösung für Controlrooms

Was haben die frei skalierbare  SCALABLEline und CLASSICline gemeinsamt ?

Für die  Bedienung der KVM Multivew Commander Systeme von kvm-tec erfolgt mit  nur einer Maus und einer Tastatur

SCALABLE LINE 4K/5K & Full HD - free Scalable

the new scalable KVM Dimension
In this ultra-flexible KVM Multiview Commander system, up to 16 sources, in Full HD or 4K can be combined and displayed on a 4K monitor with a mouse and keyboard, scaled and operated as desired.


4K Multiview Commander Classicline

4K Multivew Commander Classicline 

with this software feature for 4K Ultraline and Matrixline the content of 4 sources can be controlled and operated with one mouse and one keyboard on one 4K monitor.

Up to 8 MultiviewCommanders can be combined

Free scalable KVM System in 4K and Full HD

THE kvm-tec ROAD  for a flexible Systemarchitecture

in Situation Rooms

The new KVM Dimension - 4K and Full HD can be flexibly combined and up to 16 sources can be displayed, operated and scaled.
For Full HD sources, MAXflex dual local with Scalable Remote Unit becomes an ultra-flexible ScalableLIne. For 4K/5K applications, Scalable Local is combined with Scalable Remote.

4K Multiview Commander Classicline

4 Sources + 1 Screen = 4K Multiview Commander

for Control Rooms

Classciline 2000. with 4K Multiview Commander software feature allows video signals from 4 different PCs to be displayed on just one 4K monitor simultaneously.  The USB signals can be routed to the appropriate PC depending on the mouse position. With the 4K Multiview Commander, depending on the resolution, up to 4 different PCs can be controlled and operated with one 4K monitor. Also with different operating systems. Operations System independent - e.g. Linux Windows


Assignment of any sources via the user interface

up to 8 Multiview Commanders can be combined

ScalableLine - Features des frei skalierbaren KVM Multivewer Systems

Features of the freely scalable KVM Multivewer system

up to 16 sources can be displayed on one monitor, scaled and operated as desired

Images can be moved across different monitors at will


Cut it out
Parts of images can be cropped and
and be displayed

PIP and overlapping
Picture in Picture  Displaying and overlapping windows

several monitors can be combined to a video wall e.g. 4 monitors in 4K can display up to 64 images in real time


zoom & work each source can be upscaled / downscaled and operated

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