kvm-tec Extender are made for smooth & easy connections
kvm-tec Extender are made for smooth & easy connections







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祝贺kvm-tec gateway2GO 获得InfoComm Show 2022最佳产品奖(BEST OF SHOW)!

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 Nerd street Gamers推出的世界上第一个电竞产业园区


Security instead of Blackout

Controlrooms opens the Controlrooms Demo Center

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Scalableline Lounge Talk

In the kvm-tec Lounge Talk Thomas from the Testing Team answers questions about the Scalableline

Bründlweg 17
3140 Pottenbrunn
Mobil: +43 (0) 664-88667817
Festnetz: +43 (0) 2742-43570


We are pleased to welcome

 controlrooms as a new project partner at kvm-tec.

With more than 20 years of experience, controlrooms is the expert for setting up and supporting control rooms and video walls. Controlrooms offers professional support for all customers in various fields. Customers include public security centers, race tracks, power plants, energy producers as well as companies in the fields of traffic control and telecommunications.

We are looking forward to cooperation !

We are happy

to welcome Qvest Media GmbH as a new official project partner at kvm-tec.

QVEST offers excellent solutions for IT - supported studio and media systems and is a system integrator and service partner for international customers from the broadcasting, industry, education and business sectors.

Scalableline - product of the year at the NAB 2021

Our brand new product ScalableLine 4K & Full HD is the AWARD WINNER - product of the Year at NAB 2021 !

Scalableline - up to 16 sources can be scaled freely

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When KVM specialists connect

Frankfurt am Main/Oberteuringen/Tattendorf, November 3, 2021. IHSE GmbH (“IHSE”), a Brockhaus Technologies AG (BKHT, ISIN: DE000A2GSU42) group company, acquired a majority stake in kvm-tec Holding GmbH (“kvm-tec”).

Dear partners and customers,

we are extremely pleased to be now part of IHSE GmbH , a company of Brockhaus Technologies AG.


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We are happy

BFE Studio and Medien Systems GmbH Vienna

to welcome as new official project partner at kvm-tec.

BFE offers excellent solutions for IT-supported studio and media systems.

BFE is a system integrator and service partner for international customers in

broadcasting, industry, education and business.

Catch up 5 - Scalableline
The new KVM Dimension

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Catch up 4 - Switching Manager WEB
Now also in a redundant Version

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Catch up 3 - 4K Extender over IP
Get an overview and learn more about our 4K over IP Extender

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Authorized Windows driver updates

Due to the Windows update KB5003637, a driver update is absolutely necessary,

to be able to use the functions like Multihead and Mouse glide & Switch.

You can find the updates for Windows 7 and Windows 10 on our support page

go to Windows Update

Catch up 2 - Full HD Extender over IP

Get an Overview and learn more about our Full HD Extender over IP

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Adventure of  China´s

Space Sience Industry

KVM Extender over IP in the Switching System



Here's the news you may have missed during the Corona period! Because we didn't see each other at shows, or maybe you have been in the home office or, or ....

Over IP, Connect & Combine, Product Launches

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Scalable Line

in 4K and Full HD

We are hiring

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zusätzlich kannst Du am  kvm-tec Talentewettbewerb teilnehmen

du hast gerade Deine Ausbildung abgeschlossen und hast ein besonderes technisches Talent , dann nimm doch am kvm-tec Talentewettbewerb teil.

Bist du der Gewinner ? Dein Preis ist eine Xbox Series X 1TB 





Viele , viele Neue Produkte

Look forward with us to the next months with many, many new product launches

ECOsmart - the local unit for zero space in the rack

media4Kconnect - special with RS232 and sound analogue

media4K - 12 GSDI - 4K

Matrix Vario System - simultaneous downscaling from 4K to Full HD

and the new Multiview Commander Systems with

4K Multiview Commander based on UDP and

SCALABLEline with up to 16 freely scalable Windows

Switching Manager Web and Gateway with dual video transmission

our product lines in 4K and Full HD can be combined with each other as you like.

From July to September it will be exciting, because it does not get more flexible than the kvm-tec productline





 Global Mission Possible

KVM Extender over IP - Matrix Switching Systems

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              by kvm-tec




Julia - International Sales

explains in 90 seconds Real Remote and Connect Combine & GO, the connection to already existing KVM systems (manufacturer independent) - and you are already landed in the KVM future

KVM4FUTURE – it starts right now – the KVM Technology of tomorrow

The extension of an already existing KVM system via a kvm-tec Full HD Extender allows not only remote workplaces and home offices with a super performance, but also the expansion of the KVM system up to 2000 endpoints and more and the access to virtual machines.

Due to continuous development, ergonomic features, ease of use and innovative solutions, the KVM market has become a rapidly growing market in recent years.

Just in time for the start of the new year 2021 kvm-tec introduces its KVM4Future High Performance KVM systems, which meet the latest requirements of the KVM market and allow for many market areas an extension and modernization of the existing KVM system (also from other KVM manufacturers) with a low cost and reasonable investment.

REAL REMOTE KVM4Future - the crisis-proof KVM system with instant migration to remote workplaces and home offices with super performance. In the crisis of 2020, many have realized that an immediate switch to remote workplaces and home offices will enable business continuity for companies and will be a fixed component of KVM systems in the future.

Sounds easy , but remote is not remote

In the KVM 4Future REAL REMOTE system, VGA and DVI signals are transmitted in a switching system via kvm-tec FLEXline Full HD Extender. Due to a special bandwidth reduction, an in house developed video compression with low latency and the elimination of noise and iItter signals an extremely good performance is possible. The latency of kvm-tec Full HD extenders is 1.38 ms at 1 Gbit bandwidth. With a license model, times of peak demand for remote and home office can be easily covered.

Connect Combine & GO

CONNECT COMBINE & GO - via a single FLEXline local unit an already existing KVM system of other manufacturers can be made fit for the future without replacing the complete system.

With a special technology developed by kvm- tec, it is now possible to connect to the existing KVM system via a FLEXline local unit and thus expand the KVM 4Future High Performance System with a very low investment.

WE KEEP IT SIMPLE and with our clever and smart in-house developed technology we turn complex KVM applications into High Performance KVM Solutions & Matrix Switching Systems up to 2000 endpoints at a sensational price. Redundancy and Uncompressed are just as much a part of the benefits as expandable endpoints.

kvm-tec Oscar Award 2020

2020 was a crazy and challenging year for everyone. Many restrictions have been imposed on us, e.g. social distancing and mask have limited most of our social contacts. Therefore, at the end of this year that will go into history books, we think it is time to announce our kvm-tec Osar winners in various categories. By the way we asked ourself the following question: "Weren't we all OSCAR winners in 2020 ? "

We have nominated the Oscar winners for the following categories

For good talks and virtual meetings

For great trainings

For many good projects

For your loyality to kvm-tec

For the good relationship



and the OSCAR goes to




We wish you a good start into the christmas season

Together with you we decorate every week our kvm-tec christmas tree a little bit more

How does it work : Simply scan the code with your Iphone and the Christmas tree will land on your work desk

no matter if you are in your home office, or, or...

Stay healthy and enjoy the nice moments in the Christmas season

We are an OOTY 2020 AWARD winner

We are happy to be an AWARD Winner


and would like to share our joy with you.

We look pleasure to work in one of the most beautiful offices in the country every day,

having fun, eating together, discussing

and also to celebrate together ...


如果是, 请访问我们的秋季虚拟展位



那么请看看我们的视频, 因为这将恰到好处地给你介绍我们的两个新产品以及给你的惊喜....







我们更希望能在 2021与你有面对面的交流


你的 kvm-tec 销售团队





Story Video - Produktinfo - Making of



Brandnew and already an AWARD winner

It´s a pleasure for us to announce that our brandnew productline is already a winner

FLEXline – the customized System

FLEXline is the brand new Full HD product line from kvm-tec, which convinces not only by the ultra slim housing - 4 single or 4 dual in 1RU (up to 8 video streams), but also by a latency of 1.38 ms, redundancy, embedded sound and much more

More information


Our emotional Award moments

We are very proud that we won the AWARD -PRODUCT OF THE YEAR and want to share our emotional moments with you


kvm-tec Global



our global  kvm-tec partner concept

we keep it simple - and connect you with the right partner!

kvm-tec Partner & KVm-AV Distributors on stage

Our Authorized Partners have  lot of know- how about our products and each one is an expert in his field. Therefore it was the right time to bring our competent partners in front of the curtain, because besides our passions - in-house development, marketing and sales - the cultivating of customer relations is very important to us. If you would like to be part of the kvm-tec sales community, please send us an email to office@kvm-tec.com and we will be happy to contact you.



ATV - private Austrian TV programm

ATV -  the  private Austrian television programm, which wants to offer viewers "Television to experience"




CHANNEL BBC one / Happy Graphics

BBC hosted the UK version - ONE WORLD TOGETHER AT HOME - with a uniquely British twist


kvm-tec Home Office Tipps

Stay safe and stay at home but also take care of yourself!
kvm-tec wants to give you some nice Home Office Tipps:

Tip #1


stay social and have a nice call or videochat with your friends, family & colleagues

Tip #2


be busy working but don´t forget to spoil yourself,
relax and take some time for yourself


Tip #3


stay fit and do
some workout

Tip #4


keep your self entertaint, listen good music or watch a nice movie after work

Tip #5


take care of yourself, drink enough water and eat healthy

kvm-tec Applications

for a smooth, secure and reliable KVM system even in the crisis

Medical Sector

Especially in clinics or hospitals, a multitude of signal sources and connections are required in the operating theatre and to other wall displays. The advantage of the kvm-tec extender is that everything runs via just one CAT X cable, this ensures a maximum of security for sensitive data traffic and hygenic matters.

Broadcast Sector

The broadcasting industry and applications in media production as well as radio, studios are dependent on lossless transmission in real time and absolute reliable in order to reduce noise levels in the studio and prevent unnecessary heat remissions.

Multiple workstations can be connected to the computers in the engineering room with just a single CAT or fiber cable. Each user can access each computer.


Control Rooms

With its fiber technology, the kvm-tec extender is the ideal solution in sensitive areas, which must be protected from wiretapping. The product offers maximum security against wiretapping.
Applications such as traffic control centers and control rooms – simply wherever lots of monitors and PCs are used and the concentration of the users at this noise level would be affected. Control rooms in particular require just this level of concentration, as many processes are running and being monitored on the monitors at the same time.

Industry Sector

robust and reliable kvm-tec Extenders are just right for extreme usage conditions, such as high/low temperatures, and the dust-laden air found on many industrial production lines. kvm-tec Extenders allow space-intensive equipment to be removed, and ensure the best possible operational safety and reliability for permanent use.

FLEXline-the csutomized System

FLEXline the clever, customized KVM-System

All FLEXline Extender have an ultra slim casing, are available in a single and dual version, have embedded sound are compatible with standard network components and are delivered with kvm-tec Switching Manager Software
FLEXline saves you space in a Rack - 4 single or 4 dual Extender in 1RU.

For point to point connection or in Matrix Switching Systems up to  100 endpoints, MAXflex and USBflex up to 1000 endoints.

Included kvm-tec Switching Manager Software - switch up@work-  for intuitiv management in the Switching System.

Features -   freeze last image, MAXflex with included mouse glide& switch as software feature

USB2.0 in-house development, USB save feature, USB Emulation Mode & USB Sharing

the technology developed by kvm-tec enables a perfect combination of video compression and low (< 5ms)
delay time

For high security at ciritical applications FLEXline single Extender are redundant.












media4Kconnect - the engineered system

4K Displayport 1.2 Extender over IP in fiber with a range of 300m/984 ft  at a resolution up to 4096x2160 @ 60Hz with  perfect color coding at 4:4:4 @8 bit per color. USB and video is transmitted with only one cable. 4K videos can be transmitted in real time.

The perfect video transmission allows a delay-free transmission of the signals. Even extreme bit patterns are transmitted true to the original. Suitable for all applications requiring high precision.

Keep it simple and buy what you need

with the unique modular 4K system from kvm-tec, both modules can be upgraded later

The transparent USB 2.0 interface supports tablets and touchscreens, sound modules, printers and much more. Ideal for many applications. For memory sticks and USB hard drives the USB option is included.

The kvm-tec feature „USB save“ prevents the intrusion of viruses via the USB interface by deactivating mass storage devices.







media4Kconnect uncompressed

kvm-tec and PROgamer goes esports

The innovative and proven
kvm-tec technology as

PROgaming edition for highly professional and high end players


for all applications „behind the games“ Arenas, Roadshows,
Broadcast & Controlrooms, Postproduction, Digital Signage & Video Walls

„Some predict the future, we develop technolgies with passion to create it!




with kvm-tec into the matrix

KVM systems at low density are easy to manage, there is need to have deliberate installation and configuration by the administrator for at scale management. A small number of KVMs are manageable by the use of necessary tools like the command line, the Graphical user interface or On Screen Display (OSD menu). When an administrator wants to employ KVMs on large scale where thousands of servers or PC-targets are available, the administrator needs to employ careful measures like deliberate installation, continuous optimization, and careful configuration. This is because massive scale deployment requires cautious maintenance and servicing. A standard host software for building the desired KVM environment is necessary for the administrators to have a good and manageable system. A plan is required whenever an administrator wants to manage KVM at scale. “If you plan on expanding your network, always remember, you have to expand your bandwidth too” said Degenhard Trubacek network support engineer at kvm-tec. Some issues can create a nightmare scenario that damages the quality of the KVM deployment, and they include haphazard, unchecked growth and bandwidth bottlenecking. Therefore, to avoid these problems administrators need to have a standardized deployment for KVM hardware, they need to build the environment with scale in mind, automate the building process to save time and limit the manual interactions. Administrators’ would benefit from using kvm-tec’s Switching Manager Software which will support simple live migration, firmware updates and configuration access rights will also be required for there to be easy updating process.

Need for a dedicated network

There is need to have a separate dedicated network, and this is because High-performance KVM solutions have adopted a transformed way of implementing KVM. A standard network is required as the core infrastructure of its matrix systems, for there to be flexibility and scalability of the system. The need for having a dedicated network when building a matrix switching system is highly required. The matrix is a combination of switches and extenders enabling the user to have admittance to multiple computers over console, and the management tool regulates them all. Ensuring that there is a dedicated network for the KVM extenders and switch is a pivotal point when configuring a matrix network. The dedicated network is a connection that is not shared, and is more secure, as they can be isolated from the public internet (Rutkowski, Bassett, & Bellwood, 2016). A dedicated network has only its commitment on the packets of data transfers from transmitter, to the switch and to the receiver, ensuring that there is no disruption and less latency between switching. “KVM matrix system is using the full bandwidth of the network switches, e.g. 1GBit for full HD devices and 10GBit for 4k devices. This bandwidth has to support from and to any endpoint in the system. This is only possible to use structured cabling technics all over the system. When the network is used for other IT purposes, it could happen that there is not enough bandwidth left”. Said Dietmar Pfurtscheller, CEO kvm-tec.

In conclusion, KVM is a device that provides a various range of solutions and can be a great administrator tool to help manage the network. To reach the full potential of a KVM extender, there needs to be a dedicated network and always remember, “When you expand your network, you need to expand your bandwidth”.

redundancy with media4K connect

Redundancy: Growing to become a mandatory norm in the IT industry

In today’s world there is a huge amount of focus on Digital transformation and with this comes the requirement of having IT infrastructure systems running 24/7 with minimum or no disruption in an unlikely event of failures This ranges from having dual power supplies inputs on individual units/devices to network system which can support multiple routes for network packets to be routed from source to destination and back and data backup and recovery with disaster recovery plan. Of course, all this come at a cost and with the requirement of having this Data available 24/7 with key focus on improved productivity and response time it is becoming absolutely crucial for companies to think about making their infrastructure redundant.

In the KVM world we often refer to the requirements of having KVM systems and the most important aspect and key of deploying matrix based KVM is to increase productivity and keep the CPU units holding the data in a physical climate control secure room with controlled access to the operators

This not only reduces noise and heat generated by the devices but also makes maintenance distraction free for both the IT department and the individual operators carrying out their day to day task. KVM extenders can transit signals in real time over a long distance with no loss in quality and operators don’t even realize that they are operating their computers remotely.

However, if these KVM/AV networks and extenders are not set with redundancy a small failure of a switch or a TX/RX unit can result in downtime and loss of productivity.

We at kvm-tec offer dual network ports on our tx/rx set in active/active mode to be connected to different switches and in case one switch fails the other one can still transmit the computer signal resulting in no loss of signal or productivity for the user.

… where our technical innovations are born

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