4K KVM 延长器概述


4K Displayport 1.2 KVM 延长器





Ultraslimer 4K Displayport 1.2 Extender over IP

Versionen: single/ redundant/uncompressed

支持超宽分辨率5K 5120x 1440@60 Hz

media4Kconnect 无压缩型号支持 4:4:4@10 位色深


point to point or Matrix Switching Systems (Switch Layer 3)



media4Kconnect Special

4K Extender DP1.2 with RS232 and Sound analog

redundant + uncompressed

RS232 and Sound analog

Softwarefeature Mouse Glide & Switch

Super ultrawide 5K resolution of von 5120x 1440@60 Hz

media4SPECIAL uncompressed with 4:4:4@10 Bit and uncompressed (nativ) redundant


point to point or in Matrix Switching Systems (Switch Layer 3)


12GSDI media4Kconnect

12G SDI- 4K KVM Extender over IP

in redundant or uncompressed version in ultraslim housing

12G SDI over IP in Fiber with a resolution of 3840 x 2160@60Hz with a perfect color coding of 4:2:2@8 bit per color (uncompressed 4:2:2@60Hz 10 bit per color) for distances up to 300m (opt.120km), Local 12G SDI Output, RS232 , Sound analog/embedded

Mouse glide & Switch

latency 0.47 ms

not available at the moment








SCALABLE LINE - the new KVM Dimension

In this ultra-flexible KVM Multiview Commander system, up to 16 sources, in Full HD or 4K can be combined and displayed on a 4K monitor with a mouse and keyboard, scaled and operated as desired.

THE kvm-tec ROAD  for a flexible SystemarchiteCture



The new flexible KVM Dimension - 4K and Full HD can be flexibly combined and up to 16 sources can be displayed, operated and scaled.
For Full HD sources, MAXflex dual local with Scalable Remote Unit becomes the ultra-flexible ScalableLine. For 4K applications, Scalable Local is combined with Scalable Remote.
Flexible - more flexible - most flexible is that HD and 4K can be used together for the most different sources

point to point or Matrix Switching Systems (Switch Layer3)


Classicline 2000 -  4K KVM Extender OVER IP

 4KUltraline DP 1.2 - It´s not only a solution – it´s a revolution

the 4K Extender over IP for switching systems up to 2000 endpoints.

Innovative features - Mouse glide & Switch and 4K Multiview Commander the ergonomic solutions for many applications, MST HUB

for point to point or Matrix Switching Systems (Switch Layer 3)




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