kvm-tec Extender are made for smooth & easy connections
kvm-tec Extender are made for smooth & easy connections

Overview kvm-Extender - Multiview Commander Systeme - Matrix Switching System

KVM Extender over IP Overview

kvm-tec KVM Extender over IP are in Full HD, 4K and as Multiview Commander systems the ideal KVM products for a flexible system architecture over IP

With the in-house developed USB2.0 transparent technology and a latency of 0.47ms, the extenders are unbeatable on the market in terms of USB flexibility and latency.

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für zero space in the Rack

KVM Extender - Transmitter over IP in DVD-D, USB in CATx for distances up to 100m/328ft and resolutions up to 1920 x 1200@60Hz.

Powered by USB , Mouse glide & Switch

Good vibes with ECOsmart and Gateway2go


EASYLINE Full HD KVM Extender over IP

KVM Extender Full HD DVI, DVI-D, KVM Extender VGA & KVM Extender USB in CATx & Fiber,Single & Dual, redundant EASYline - the easy going KVM Extender in Full HD from kvm-tec. For Matrix Switching Systems up to 56 endpoints. No user system necessary,


FLEXline - Full HD KVM Extender over IP

Single redundant and dual versions, sound embedded , are compatible with standard network components. 4 single or 4 dual extenders in 1RU. Matrix switching systems up to 1000 endpoints for high security in critical applications, FLEXline single extenders are redundant.


FLEXline is a Winner

We are very pleased that our FLEXline KVM Extender over IP has won the Product of the year AWARD.

By the way 2020 we also won the AWARD - Office of the Year. If you want to see our Office - click here

media4Kconnect DP1.2

4KExtender DP1.2 incl. Audio & RS232 & HDR (HDR@4K 10Bit requires UMCOMPRESSED)

Ultraslim 4K Displayport 1.2 Extender over IP with a resolution of 4096 x 2160 @60 Hz in fiber for distances up to 300m/984 ft - 120km/74mit opt, for matrix switching systems up to 2000 endpoints.



ScalableLine is a winner

Scalable line 4K & Full HD the new KVM dimension

The kvm-tec ROAD for a flexible Systemarchitecture

In this ultra flexible KVM Multiview Commander system, up to 16 sources can be combined in Full HD or 4K and displayed on a 4K monitor with a mouse and a keyboard.
keyboard, scaled and operated as desired.

Gateway & Gateway2go

kvm-tec Gateway - the perfect combination of a real-time  KVM system and a flexible remote desktop system

kvm-tec Gateway2go -Windows App for live  pics from the Switching System (from July on Dual Version)

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High Secuirty with switching in the Dedicated Network

Superfast switching without time delay for matrix switching systems up to 2000 endpoints and more

all kvm-tec extenders are used in the dedicated network and due to the in - house developed switching technology of kvm-tec there is almost no limitation in the number of endpoints in the switching system and due to the control via the software the single endpoints (PC, monitor etc) can behave passively.

All basic information and the required network environment


Simultaneous Downscaling


4K sources can be displayed simultaneously in 4K and with downscaling in Full HD on the remote unit. The output of the stream is done at 4K over 10G bandwidth.The data streams can be routed and shared independently and a source can be split to any number of screens. One user at a time has full USB control (keyboard and mouse etc).


Switching Manager - Software Management and API Service

Switching manager for software management in the Swichting system

kvm-tec API Service for Switching Manager to connect to your software

for more information - scroll down

go to Switching Manager & API


kvm-tec Security in front of and behind the stage

Network security is a top priority for kvm-tec in all areas.

With the kvm-tec Network Separator a dedicated KVM matrix network can be completely shielded from the outside world (office network, WLAN, Internet).

Security beyond the stage means for us e.g. uncompressed redundant transmission and immediate notification in case of a port failure and much more.

. .

go to KVM NEtwork Security


...where our technical innovations are born
… where our technical innovations are born

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