Gateways for virtual machines and remote workplaces

kvm-tec Gateway - the perfect combination of a real-time  KVM system and a flexible remote desktop system

kvm-tec Gateway2go -windows app for live  pics from the switching system

the kvm-tec connection to virtual machines, Remote Workplaces & Home Office

kvm-tec Gateway

The connection to virtual machines

part nr 6851



Windows APP for Remote Workplaces

part nr 4005


REAL REMOTE SYSTEMS for crisis proofed Remote Workplaces & Home Office

The REAL REMOTE system with Gateway and Gateway2go provides access to virtual machines and home office and remote workplaces with extremely good performance.

Crisis proofed KVM Systems requires Innovation 

because REMOTE is not equal to REMOTE

With Full HD Extender FLEXline and with Gateway you have access to virtual machines and with Gateway2go APP remote workplaces & home office with super performance are possible. For times of high demand, additional remote workplaces can be installed with Gateway2go APP for any period of time.

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...where our technical innovations are born
… where our technical innovations are born

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