KVM Progamer Extender for Esports

"Some predict the future, we develop technologies with passion  to create it"

kvm-tec Progamer

the innovative and proven kvm-tec technology as

PROgaming Edition for highly professional and high end players


for all applications "behind the games"

Arenas, Roadshows, Braodcast &  Controlrooms, Postproduction, Digital Signage & Video Walls

"We develop with a purpose that gamers can play with a passion and all applications behind the scenes can level up the extended reality"

Time to level up !


PROgamer White Paper


PROgamer Glossary


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G4 = Game superfast, silent, secure, sophisticated

more about our technical and personal Philosophy

G4 - heartbeat or Extender technology

G4 superfast, silent, secure, sophisticated

Game Superfast -  zero delay und superfast switching

Game Silent -  with a good connection in the serverroom

Game secure -  with line-to line transmission & secure redundancy

Game Sophisticated -  with refresh rates up to 240 Hz








G4 - PROgamer Products

PROgamer Extender for Gamer and Applications behind the scene

kvm-tec PROgaming Edition has in 4K an optimal colour depth with 4:4:4 colour per pixel and even allows 30 bit colour depth, as it is required for professional or high-end applications. PRogamers allow a high refresh rate (300Hz, 1920x1080, uncompressed, 30 bit, 242Hz, 1920x1080, 8 bit.

All extenders can be connected to a matrix via a standard network switch (10G). This allows the content from a gaming PC to be displayed in real time on a video wall.




G4 - Gaming knowledge

Important to know about PROgaming

Game sophisticated - the focus is on the players - the generation of power. This generation ist highly talented and through daily training they achieve results in games that release pure emotions.

Game secure - Arenas or roadshows - where the workflow and the technology must be exactly right to enable a perfect game. At big events the games are watched by millions of people online

Game Superfast - for professional players , it is important that KVM extenders have no delay time and switching is superfast.

Game silent - PROGamers can be connected to the server room via a single fiber cable, allowing a silent game without disturbing PC noises.



G4 - Gaming Applications behind the scene

Arenas & Games on the road,  Broadcast- Controlrooms, Postproduction, Digitals Signage & Videowalls 

PROGamer Extenders meet the innovative requirements of the Generation G for all applications.

Development and innovation is passion at kvm-tec and therefore PROgamer extenders are characterized by sophisticated in-house developments that are unique.

Besides state-of-the-art technology, design is also an important factor and therefore PROGamer Extenders have a compact design with a wide range of functions and features





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