kvm-tec Functionality
kvm-tec Functionality
kvm-tec Functionality





game superfast

superfast - our technical philosophy

zero delay and an absolutely delay-free 4K transmission

Switching systems with standard components to enable up to 2000 endpoints in a simple system architecture.

All kvm-tec PROgamer extenders are characterized by ultra-fast switching.

Superfast- our personal philosophy

superfast means for us that we concentrate on our core competencies (development, marketing and sales). This enables us to recognize new trends quickly and to implement superfast.

game silent

silent - our technical philosophy

all kvm-tec extenders are compatible with standard network components and benefit from the high security standard of the PC network. Mix & Match for all kvm-tec extenders, because all units can work in real time with 60Hz in Full HD or 4K resolution.

silent - our personal philosophy

at silent, unfortunately, we can't think of anything, because we are not silent, but very self-confidently follow our path and thus have worldwide success. A small comment in the margin - we also know how to celebrate and this not silent ( see our videos - Events )

game secure

game secure - our technical philosophy

Game secure in your switching system. kvm-tec Extenders are installed in a separate network, therefore Cyber attacks are not possible. Game secure with our kvm-tec Switching Manager Software. The local and remote extenders are optimally arranged and the extender status is highlighted in color. With the kvm-tec system computers and servers can be moved from the workstation to the central server room. Thus a high security level is possible. This also reduces ambient heat and noise at the workplace and the user benefits from an ergonomic and low-noise workplace.

secure - our personla philosophy

secure means for us to train our sales partners extensively for our products and to provide our partners with all our know how so that our sales partners feel secure and therefore have success.

game sophisticated

game sophisticated - our technical philosophy

 SOPHISTICATED is your application  with the kvm-tec in-house developments, like USB 2.0 transfer, video compression without latency, only one cable for USB and video transfer, no latency.  With our unique features each user can access multiple PC sources and control and operate up to 16 screens with one mouse and keyboard. Video transmission can be instantaneous and a central video wall can be integrated to share all information in real time        

sophisticated - our personal philosophy

sophisticated are on the one hand our colorful shoes, which have already become the kvm-tec trademark. But we are also sophisitcated when it comes to showing our hospitality to our customers and prospects. It is very important for us to build up a good relationship and hospitality is a must for us.

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