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PROgamer Products & functions

kvm-tec PROgaming Edition has an optimal colour depth with 4:4:4 colour per pixel and allows up to 30 bit colour depth as required for professional or high - end applications. 1920x1080, uncompressed, 240 Hz, 10 bit Colour depth

All extenders are compatible with standard network switches (10G for 4K) In the Matrix Switching System, for example, the content of a gaming PC can be displayed in real time on a video wall

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PROgamer White Paper


PROGamer Glossary


PROgamer Folder


PROgamer media4K

4K DP1.2 Extender + uncompressed or redundant module

easy going 4K Extender in fiber


PROGamer MAXflex Extender

single or dual Full HD Extender

copper or fiber, redundant, mouse glide & switch



PROgamer 4K ULTRALINE DP1.2 Extender

4K Extender in single

copper or fiber

built in MST HUB, 4K Multiview Commander



Game changer - the kvm-tec Funcionality

kvm-tec functionality step by step

All functions of the KVM system are

clearly explained in the individual videos and sheets



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