kvm-tec Gateway2go for Remote Workplaces & Home office

kvm-tec Gateway2go - for Remote Workplaces & Home office with access to the Matrix Switching System


dual video transmission and convenient bandwidth management in September available


  • the flexible connection to the kvm-tec switching System
  • innovative user application in real time for all laptop or desktop - devices  with windows 10

Gateway2go for remote workplaces and access to the switching system

The required bandwidth is reduced by a special bandwidth management and therefore remote working in almost real time is possible. Gateway2 go is connected to the Internet via VPN tunnel and can therefore be connected from the remote workstation to any PC in the matrix switching system. 

Operating system Windows 10, bandwidth 70Mbit/s for desktop working, 500 Mbit/ for smoothes video playback


Licence model for remote workplaces

Additional to one Basic Gateway to go monthly licences can be booked on demand, making the Remote Workplace very cost effective and efficiently covering peak times.




  • Windows App for live pcs from the Switching System

  • no additional hardware required


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Windows APP with unlock code for installation on a PC


Quickinstallation download: www.kvm-tec.com/support


Datasheet Gateway2go


Manual Gateway2go


Why won’t the streaming window appear after selecting the desired extender and clicking the connect button?

There are 4 possibilities to consider why the stream won’t show up:

1. In the “List” section of the switching manager, there usually are a couple of checkboxes along with the name of the device. To make sure Gateway2go actually receives the information it needs, check the boxes “USB HID” and “Video” for both Gateway2go and the device you want to connect to.

2. In the “List” section of the switching manager, be sure to check if the device you are trying to connect to is still connected to the switching manager

3. Your firewall may interfere with the connection, if so, you may want to turn it off during use of the application. To turn it off you have to open up “Windows Defender Firewall” (press the windows button on your keyboard and type “firewall” into the search bar) and click on “Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off”, there you are able to turn your firewall off or on. We highly recommend you turn the firewall on again after you finished your work with Gateway2go.

4. You may want to click “Refresh” if you want to connect to a different extender after streaming to another, though this should not be necessary.

Why won’t my product key be approved by the application?

If the registration of your product was successful, the application will close. Upon restarting Gateway2go, it will now be registered. If you already tried to register your product and the registration key does not match, first check if the MAC address you provided your sales partner fits the PC you trying to register Gateway2go on. If it does, please contact your sales partner, there may be an issue regarding key generation.

What is a decoder thread?

A decoder thread decodes the video packages received from the extender, without them there won’t be a picture in the streaming window. The number of decoder threads corelates to how fast the stream updates the picture i.e. how smooth the streaming quality is. Set the number of decoder threads to at least the amount of physical cores of the CPU you run Gateway2go on. You could also check in the Task Manager if there is still room for one or two more threads until CPU performance reaches the ceiling, proceed at your discretion.Remember to set the number of decoder threads before connecting to a extender, the box will be disabled after clicking “Connect”, until you restart the application


Why does Gateway2go suddenly close after a while?

Gateway2go runs as a demo if it is not registered, which means it closes after 10 minutes of use. Register your product in the settings window. If you already tried to register and the product key does not match go back to the question “Why won’t my product key be approved by the application?”.


Why does the login window appear after I entered my user name and password?

The login window will appear every time a user name and password are required to connect to the switching manager. If the wrong user name and password were sent to the switching manager, it will reappear as long as the login data is incorrect. Make sure you are entering the correct user name and password.

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