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Creating new standards and innovations has always been part of kvm-tec. All technologies are in-house developments and this is one of the factors of success.

kvm-tec line-to-line transmission of video signals.

With conventional transmissions, each image is analyzed and transmission only takes place after 4 frames. The analysis of an image takes 16ms and therefore a delay of 64ms results for the transmission.

With kvm-tec image transmission each line of an image is transferred immediately. As a result, the monitor display is flicker-free, no longer stutters and lip sync is perfect. The user has no delay with keyboard and mouse and therefore real-time transmission


kvm-tec perfect video compression

Since the image is compressed in the process developed by kvm-tec, the transmission of a Full HD video requires only 1 Gigabit and thus only one cable. This results in a significant price advantage and low latency for interactive applications. The operation of mouse and keyboard is also without any delay. The advantage of this technologie is that the signals can be transmitted via a 1 GBit network switch.


In the 4K box - 4K transmission without delay

Delay-free transmission, as each image and each line is immediately transmitted using the kvm-tec method, in which the signal is regenerated by a re-driver and brought to the correct level to enable perfect transmission. This process is comparable to a ZIP file, where a lot of information is transferred in a very compact way. As with of the ZIP file, kvm-tec converts each pixel and signal into a very compact form transferred and "unzipped" again. The 4K Extender uses 10 Gbit network technology.

kvm-tec USB 2.0 in-house Development

allows maximum flexibility with all USB devices and innovative fetures - mouse glide & switch, emulation mode, USB sharing

kvm-tec USB transmission

With kvm-tec USB transmission, the video compression and latency time are optimally coordinated and USB transmission is possible with only one cable (the cable is also used for video transmission).


kvm-tec save feature - virus protection

During the USB transfer, all USB hard drives are detected immediately and can be blocked if required. This prevents unauthorized access to the system and the intrusion of viruses.


Switching systems with standard components up to 2000 endpoints and super-fast switching

Thanks to kvm-tec's in-house developed switching technology, there is almost no limit to the number of endpoints in the switching system and the individual endpoints (PC, monitor, etc) can behave passively when controlled via the software. This means that the end point only needs the information at the correct switching moment, resulting in less data traffic in large systems.

With the switching upgrade, all extenders can be upgraded to the perfect KVM matrix switch in combination with a standard network switch (the upgrade is pre-installed and can also be activated after delivery with code.), much cheaper and much less installation of cables.

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...where our technical innovations are born
… where our technical innovations are born

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