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Process Driven Industry & Monitoring

we turn complex KVM applications into clever and smart solutions and convince by an innovative technology and a sensational price-performance ratio.
Made in Europe

Process Driven Industry

As many processes often run simultaneously in industry, reliable monitoring is necessary. Thus, it is possible to intervene in the production chain at any time. This requires a high concentration ration, which in turn requires clever features. With the software feature 4K Multiview Commander, contents from 4 PCs can be displayed and operated on a 4K screen. The combination of up to 4 Multiview Commanders allows to display up to 16 PCs on 4 screens. This ensures a complete and continuous monitoring.

A latency-free video transmission in Full HD and 4K is the prerequisite for monitoring critical processes.

In case of extreme operating conditions, such as temperature and dust in many production chains, the PCs must be relocated to a server room. On the one hand, to protect against dust and high temperature, and on the other hand, to have no noise levels at the workplace. Outdoor applications in particular require special robustness and reliability, because weather conditions can be very damaging to the products. Kvm-tec has many years of experience with sales partners who use extenders in harsh operating environments, and reliable use is also guaranteed here.

Our kvm-tec Functionality Tipp

Video sharing – push & get or connect

With GET command or Connect you can connect from the source PC1 or PC2  LOC unit ) to the monitor ( remote unit ) PUSH Command - the contents of your own monitor can be connected to another monitor using PUSH Command. The input can be done in the OSD menu.

Check out the kvm-tec functionalities here

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Your checklist for KVM systems

Flexible customized

The FLEXline, media4Kconnect and 4K Ultraline product lines can be combined in the switching system and Gateway and Gateway2go provide access to virtual machines and live images from the switching system

Future proofed

The Matrix Switching System can always be extended by Upgrade - Packages for endpoints and guarantees a super- fast switching up to 2000 endpoints

Secure engineered

redundant for failsafe operation and uncompressed for a transmission without artefacts, latency < 5ms and perfect video compression. Non - hackable, because kvm-tec uses a dedicated network management

Hardware optimized

Software features mouse glide & Switch, 4 K Multiview Commander

flexible & scalable USB, video and sound channel managing

4 single or 4 dual extenders in 1RU - saves rack space


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