Public Security & Emergency
Public Security & Emergency
Public Security & Emergency
Public Security & Emergency
Public Security & Emergency
Public Security & Emergency

Public Security & Emergency Center

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Public Security & Emergency Center

Especially in highly critical applications in the field of public safety and operations centers, all work processes must be efficient and reliable, not only in times of crisis. Security and reliability as well as simple and intuitive operation play a central role in the KVM system.

In 24/7 operations, redundancy is an important factor, which is of great importance for alarms and operations of the police, fire brigade and rescue services. If a port fails, the redundant port must be switched over immediately to ensure that the rescue or operation chain continues to run seamlessly. The kvm-tec Matrix Switching System is used in a dedicated network and therefore offers absolute security against cyber- attacks. Due to the fiber technology the kvm-tec extenders are also tap-proof and therefore the ideal solution in sensitive areas.

In control rooms videos have to be transmitted pixel-true in real time and without any delay - therefore a perfectly tuned video compression with almost zero latency switching is required. Innovative software features such as mouse glide & switch and 4K Multiview Commander make the KVM system highly efficient.

The remote solutions Gateway and Gateway2go make the KVM system crisis-proof. The kvm-tec gateway enables access to virtual machines. Gatway2go - this Windows App enables the user to connect to the kvm-tec switching system and display a live image of a local unit.

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Multiple users have simultaneous USB access and can work simultaneously. The switching is delay-free and can be used for mouse and keyboard.

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Flexible customized

The FLEXline, media4Kconnect and 4K Ultraline product lines can be combined in the switching system and Gateway and Gateway2go provide access to virtual machines and live images from the switching system

Future proofed

The Matrix Switching System can always be extended by Upgrade - Packages for endpoints and guarantees a super- fast switching up to 2000 endpoints

Secure engineered

redundant for failsafe operation and uncompressed for a transmission without artefacts, latency < 5ms and perfect video compression. Non - hackable, because kvm-tec uses a dedicated network management

Hardware optimized

Software features mouse glide & Switch, 4 K Multiview Commander

flexible & scalable USB, video and sound channel managing

4 single or 4 dual extenders in 1RU - saves rack space


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