kvm-tec Functionality
kvm-tec Functionality
kvm-tec Functionality
kvm-tec Functionality
kvm-tec Functionality
kvm-tec Functionality

Solutions & Matrix Switching Systems

All kvm-tec extenders can be installed as point-to-point connection and in the matrix switching system. kvm-tec extenders meet the requirements of small systems up to 48 endpoints, flexible systems up to 100 and 1000 endpoints and some extenders, the requirements of switching systems up to 2000 endpoints. All kvm-tec extenders are compatible with standard network components and can therefore be implemented as flexible and inexpensive systems. Switching in a dedicated network is secure against cyber attacks and is super fast due to the in-house developed technology.

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For distances up to 150m/492ft in copper, 160km/99mi in fiber and 120km/74mi for 4K extender. The transmission of USB and DVI (with 4K Extender Displayport) signals is done with single Extender with one cable with Dual Extender with two cables,

Redundant for high security applications

Configurator for POINT to POINT: for all kvm-tec Extender

Matrix Swtiching System up to 48

Switching systems over IP in separate network up to 48 endpoints. The switching system can be controlled via the OSD menu. 1 Gigabit bandwidth is required from one port to any other port for systems up to 48 endpoints. For sharing switches with IGMP snooping are required. We have provided a list of recommended switches for you in the sheet -Recommended Switches.

Don´t worry about your success we grow with you

If your point-to-point connection is extended to the switching system, then switching upgrades can be activated at any time with a code. Sensational pricing - up to 5 remote units in the system, 5 upgrades are activated and 1 upgrade is paid..

Configurator for Switching Systeme up to 48 endpoints

Classicline 48 – Smartline, Masterline, Industryline, LVDS up to 48 endpoints

Matrix Switching System up to 100/1000/2000 endpoints

Matrix Switching Systems over IP , which enable super-fast switching in a separate network up to 100/1000/2000 endpoints, depending on requirements. The switching management is done by the Switching Manager - Software - switch up & work. A bandwidth of 1 Gbit is required for all Full HD Extender FLEXline. For kvm-tec 4K Extenders - 4K Ultraline and media4Kconnect you need 10Gbit bandwidth All switches require IGMP snooping. FLEXline copper extenders can also be installed as PoE solution with a PoE capable switch.  With FLEXline and media4Kconenct matrix switching systems can be set up redundant.

Don´t worry about your success we grow with you

All FLEXline extenders represent an adaptable system and can be expanded again and again with upgrade packages for switching endpoints. Upgrade packages for 50 or 100 endpoints can be purchased at any time, even at a later date.

Configurator for Switching Systems up to 100/1000 / 2000 endpoints

Matrix up to 100 endpoints – SMARTflex, MASTERflex

Matrix up to 1000 endpoints – MAXflex, USBflex

Matrix up to 2000 endpoints – Matrixline, 4KUltraline, media4Kconnect



Dezentralized Switching System

Switches can be connected via uplinks (10 Gbit). For example, 20 users in the control room are connected to one switch. 2 uplinks lead to a switch in the server room, which is connected to 20 PCs.

Redundant - for high security applications

Configurator for decentralized Switching Systems: for all kvm-tec Extender





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