"By exploiting the marginal advantage, the expert player is both a problem solver and an artist"

Game sophisticated knowledge

for Professional Players to game sophisticated

The focus is on the players - the generation of power, who are highly talented and achieve results in games through daily training, which release emotions. For the gamers it is an absolute must to be able to play highly concentrated and focused. With a camera attached to the player's desk, enthusiastic fans can follow the game live.

For the players a FUll HD resolution (1920 x 1080 ) is perfect. In contrast, however, a high image transfer rate is required by the players. Most players prefer a high frame rate over a high resolution, e.g. 240Hz at Full HD.

Exactly here kvm-tec has set new standards with the in-house developed line-to line transmission technology. In a conventional transmission, each image is analyzed individually (duration approx. 16 ms) and only after 4 images the complete transmission is done. This results in a delay of 64 ms . With the kvm-tec innovation, every line of an image is transmitted immediately. This makes the monitor display absolutely flicker-free, no longer stutters and the lip synchronization is perfect. So the gamer has no delay with mouse and keyboard and therefore realtime transmission.

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