Expandable endpoints for FLEXline, media4Kconnect & Ultraline

Don´t worry we grow with you

For all KVM extenders of the kvm4Future concept (FLEXline, media4Kconnect and Utraline) upgrade packages for switching endpoints can be purchased at any time. 

How is the upgrade done?

You send us your MAC address of the KVM extender and receive a license file from kvm-tec. With the license file the endpoints are released in the Switching Manager


100/1000/2000 endpoints and more ? Is that possible, where usually 648 is the end ?

The switching technology is an in-house development where there is almost no limitation of the endpoints. Because the endpoints are controlled by the software, the individual endpoints can behave passively at the switching moment and therefore less data traffic is generated in the systems.

Switching without any limit!


KT-6048 Upgrade for 50 endpoints

KT-6049 Upgrade for 100 endpoints

...where our technical innovations are born
… where our technical innovations are born

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