kvm-tec API Service for Switching Manager

kvm-tec API -programming interface for integration in any software







  • monitoring and controlling of the Extender network
  • easy integration of existing software
  • platform independent


API SWITCHING MANAGER SERVICE for integration in any software

The intelligent software solution from kvm-tec allows the management and control of all KVM extenders connected in a matrix switching system.
Display of all available information from all extenders in the system
Update management of all extenders in the switching system
Simple read - out and changes of settings
Mouse Glide & Switch Management
4K Multiview Commander Management
Activate kvm-tec upgrades
Query & update of the current firmware version in the system
Definition based on the open Open API 3.0 standard
Easy integration into customer-specific software



Delivery content

Open API 3.0 spezification & serversoftware



Datasheet API



In our kick off meeting for the integration of the API Service for Switching Manager into your software, we explain on which platforms the API Service and the User Interface can run and how the communication is done. We also present the different versions of the API service and answer frequently asked questions.

We are looking forward to meet you in the go to talk !

Agenda and Questions
Is there already a software application?
Does the software support API?
On which platform should the API service run?
On which platform should the user interface run?
Which functions do you want to realize?

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KT - 4006

KT - 9022


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short description

open API3.0 Server - Software REST interface
after installing the serversoftware communication with kvm-tec API system is possible
incl. 3 hours developer coaching incl. Kick Off meeting

developer coaching per hour

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… where our technical innovations are born

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