Rack Mounting Kit for FLEXline

incl. front panel


part nr  KT-6232

Rack Mounting with power supply for Flexline

incl. front panel & power supply

part nr KT-6233

Rack Mounting Kit redundant 

incl. frontpanel & redundant power supply 

part nr KT-6234
(for Masterflex, Maxflex and Mastereasy)

part nr KT-6234S
(for Smartflex and Smarteasy)

DIN RAIL - Mounting

for FLEXline

part nr KT-6235

Under table MoUnting Kit

for FLEXline, EASYline, ScalableLine and media4Kconnect 

part nr KT-6231

Vesa Mounting

for FLEXline, EASYline

part no KT-6236

Accessoires media4Kconnect

Part No KT-6231

Under table mounting

Part Nr KT-6237

Rack Mt.Kit incl front panel

Part Nr KT-6238

Rack Mt incl Frontpanel and power supply

Part Nr KT-6239

Rack Mt incl front panel and redundant power supply

...where our technical innovations are born
… where our technical innovations are born

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