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MATRIXLINE - Full HD KVM Extender over IP

MATRIXLINE - single in fiber - Local/CPU Unit

KVM Extender DVI, KVM Extender DVI-D, KVM Extender VGA, KVM Extender USB, RS232

Software feature: Mouse glide & Switch -  Cross move with 1 keyboard & 1 mouse up to 16 screens

mit 4K ULTRALINE - 4K Multiview Commander -Quad View4four

  • DVI-I  USB 2.0 KVM Extender
  • Resolution 1920x1200@60 Hz
  • Max.distance 160km/99mi in Fiber (SFP Module opt)
  • SFP module Multimode up to 500m /1640ft
  • alternativ with Single Mode up to 20km/12mi
  • Full HD videos in real time
  • USB 2.0 transparent - in house development
  • Only one duplex multimode fiber cable (LC) for USB and video
  • USB save feature
  • Can be used in the Matrix Switching System up to 2000 endpoints
  • Screw on DVI connector


Switching the KVM Extender on and off via the network management of the switch

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Mouse glide & Switch

up to 16 monitors can be operated with one mouse & keyboard

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The highly optimized KVM Extender over IP has a range of 160km/99mi at a resolution of 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz and is available in fiber as single version. The perfect tuning of kvm-tec video compression with a low latency allows a delay-free transmission of the signals. USB and video is transmitted via one cable.DVI extension without loss of quality. Full HD videos can be transmitted in real time.

The transparent USB 2.0 interface already supports tablets and touch screens, sound modules, printers and much more. For memory sticks and USB hard drives the USB upgrade is included. High reliability and robust design make the low-cost kvm-tec Extender ideal for many applications.

The kvm-tec feature "USB save" prevents the intrusion of viruses via the USB interface by deactivating mass storage devices.

All upgrades such as USB memory, sound, RS232, analog VGA- as DVI transfer are already included.

With the included switching upgrade up to 480 endpoints, the MX 2000-F Extender can be integrated into a matrix switching system in conjunction with a standard network switch. The intelligent software kvm-tec Switching Manager enables convenient management and intuitive operation of KVM extenders in the switching system. A Windows PC or Tablet with network interface is required for commissioning and operating the software.

Mouse Glide & Switch - with only one mouse and one keyboard, multiple PCs can be operated from one workstation. The arrangement of up to 8 monitors via the Switching Manager can be horizontal or vertical and is comparable to a virtual desktop wall. With the stand alone solution up to 4 screens/PCs can be operated and controlled.

Kvm-tec upgrades for MX2000-F

already included

  • USB Memory
  • Analog VGA - transmitted as DVI
  • Sound analog in both directions in CD quality
  • Matrix Switching System up to 2000 endpoints
  • RS232


Let's talk about the kvm-tec Benefits

We count on transparency in the KVM High performance world

Classicline 2000 is ready for tests - you too?

... more smart connections

  • Automatic Plug & Play installation
  • DVI extension without loss of quality
  • Ultra compact up to 4 extenders in 19" 1RU
  • Local (CPU) / remote (CON) Monitor output
  • Firmware Flash Upgrade without cable
  • Transmission rate max 480 Mbit/s
  • 19" rack mountable /lockable DVI connector
  • Warranty 2 years, warranty extension to 5 years possible



Delivery Content - Weight - Dimension

Delivery Content - Local (CPU)

1 x MX2000-F local (CPU)

1 x wall power supply unit l 12V 1A (EU-plug or INT. plug)

1 x DVI - DVI cable 1, 8m/5.9ft

1 x USB cable 1, 8m/5.9 ft.

1 x SFP Module-Multimode up to 500m/1640ft

alternativ  with Single-Mode up to 20km/12mi

4 x rubber feet

Quick Instruction

Optional: Delivery Content - Remote (CON)

1 x MX2000-F remote (CON)

1 x wall power supply unit l 12V 1A (EU-plug or INT. plug)

1 x SFP Module Multimode up to 500m/1640 ft.

alternativ with Single-Mode up to 20km/12mi

4 x rubber feet


Weight & Dimension

Local (CPU): 97.5 x 40 x 103.5 mm/3.83 x 1.57 x 4.07, 250g/0.55lb

Remote (CON): 97.5 x 40 x 103.5 mm /3.83 x 1.57 x 4.07, 250g/0.55lb

Shipment weight

MX2000-FL 700g/1.54lb

MX2000-FR 450g/0.99lb

SET MX2000-F 1.150g/2.53lb


1 x Switching Manager Software (Stick)

Qiuck Manuel included & Manual Download:


Marketing Datasheet


Technical Datasheet


Quick Instructions





Manual Switching Manager


Part No, EAN No, short description

Item No.








Optionale SFP Module for distances up to 80km/50mi






Order No.















Short Description

Matrixline Extender Single Fiber – Local UPC 051497031565
Matrixline Extender Single Fiber – Remote Unit (CPU) UPC 051497031572

UPC 051497031824
kvm-tec Switching Manager for Updates

Warranty extension to 5 years per UNIT
Warranty extension to 5 years per SET

Rack Mounting Kit with front panel Kit
UPC 051497031718
Rack Mounting Kit with front panel Kit and Power supply
UPC 051497031732
Rack Mounting Kit with front panel Kit and red. Power supply
UPC 051497031749

Mounting Kit for under the table 
Din Rail Mounting Kit
Vesa Mounting



LWL Multi Mode - SFP Modul  up to 500m/1640ft

LWL Single Mode - SFP Module up to 20km/12mi

LWL Single Mode - SFP Module  up to 80km/50mi

LWL Single Mode - SFP Modul BiDi Setup to  20km/12mi

Alternative Single Mode Module up to 20km/12mi

Produkt Channel

Introduction MX Matrixline Extender

Installation Channel

...where our technical innovations are born
… where our technical innovations are born

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