MASTERflex - FUll HD KVM Extender over IP

MASTERflex - single, redundant in copper

KVM Extender DVI, KVM Extender DVI-D, KVM Extender VGA, KVM Extender USB in CAT

  • DVI-D/ DVI-I /USB2.0 Extender over IP  
  • single redundant  in copper  
  • max resolution 1920 x 1200 @60 Hz  
  • max distance 100m/328ft                 
  • only one cable for USB and video
  • sound embedded  & sound analog (opt)
  • full HD videos in real time
  • PoE Version (Switch supports PoE)
  • point to point or Matrix Switching System ( Switch Layer 3)

Interlaced Upgrade for FLEXline

serves for recoding to progressive signals

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Instruction for Update, Back up etc

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Switching Manager

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MASTERflex single redundant is a highly optimized KVM Extender over IP and covers a range of 100m/328ft at a resolution of 1920x1200@60Hz and is available in copper as single  version.
Redundant for high security in critical applications

The kvm-tec „USB save“ function prevents virus intrusion via the USB interface by disabling mass storage devices.

USB 2.0 in house development The in-house developed USB 2.0 implementation supports typical USB devices like touch screens, sound modules, printers and alike components. On top the support for memory devices such as thumb-drives and USB HDDs can be enabled or disabled on demand providing another layer of security. And of course keyboards and mice are supported, too.

Infrastructure Masterflex locals and remotes are small form factor devices. They fit easily underneath a desk and up to four units can be mounted on a 19”- shelf. Single-sided interface orientation provides easy access in setup and service. They provide two power inputs for redundant feeding. Masterflex is designed fanless and with that noiseless for silent and ergonomic work spaces

Bandwidth reduction Masterflex allows limiting the transmission bandwidth limitation in nine fix steps. This allows to managed network utilization by reducing operational performance. Depending on the use case, this might not even have a recognizable impact (e.g. static image monitoring)

Matrix Switching System Combining multiple Masterflex extender locals and remotes together via a L3 network switch requires a central Switching Manager creating a multi-point matrix switching system with access control and other administrative and operational functionality.

Compatibility Masterflex extenders are compatible to ECOsmart and all Flexline extenders. In matrix setups they can be combined with media4Kconnect and Scalableline extenders lining up to a homogeneous system managed by Switching Manager.

Kvm-tec upgrades for MASTERFLEX

(Pre-installed and unlockable)

  • USB memory
  • Sound analog in both directions in CD quality
  • Analog VGA - transferred as DVI (must be specified when ordering, as it cannot be activated later)
  • PoE

Flexline in the KVM4Future System

... more smart connections

  • USB transmission rate max 480Mbit/s
  • firmware flash upgrade without cable
  • VGA in - DVI out
  • DVI extension without loss of quality
  • 4 single extender in 1RU
  • Warranty 2 years, warranty extension to 5 years possible
  • Automatic Plug & Play installation




We continue to stay transparent – kvm- tec Diagnosis menu

In the diagnosis menu, the runtimes of the individual connected channels are displayed. Both Remote Unit and Partner Local Unit are listed. Additionally the information of the temperature in the FPGA of both units is displayed. Another feature is the cable test. In addition to the main data stream, test datas is transmitted and checked for errors. This process can be done during operation ( Main Link )

In the OSD menu, select the Features menu and press "C" to enter the diagnosis menu

Delivery Content - Weight - Dimension

Delivery Content - Local (CPU)

1 x MV 1 local (CPU)

1 x wall power supply unit l 12V 1A (EU-plug or INT plug)

1 x DVI - DVI cable 1,8m (5.9ft)

1 x USB cable 1,8m (5.9ft)

1 x VGA - DVI cable  1,8m/5.9ft  (opt)

2 x Audio cable  1,8m/5.9ft  (opt)

4 x rubber feet

Quick Instruction



Delivery Content - Remote (CON)

1 x MV1 remote (CON)

1 x wall power supply unit l 12V 1A (EU-plug or INT. plug)

4 x rubber feet


Weight & Dimension

Local (CPU):

109 x  43 x 107,5 mm
4.29 x 1.69 x 4,23 inch
295 g / 0.65 lb

Remote (CON):

109 x  43x 107,5 mm
4.29 x 1.69 x 4.29 inch
295 g/ 0.65 lb


Shipment weight

SET SET 1895 g /4.17 lb
(MV1-R 1005g/2.21b/ MV1-L  890 g/ 1.96lb)


Manual download:


Marketing Datasheet


Technical Datasheet


Quick Instructions




Part No, EAN No, short description

Part No.




















Order No.




















Short Description

Masterflex Extender Single – Set EAN0798190109107 
UPC 051497112882                                                                            

Masterflex Extender Single  –Local Unit /CPU
EAN  0798190109114 UPC 051497112899

Masterflex Extender Single –Remote Unit /CON
EAN 0798190109121 UPC 051497112905

MASTERflex sound  upgrade
EAN 0798190109220 UPC 051497113001

Masterflex analog VGA upgrade
EAN 0798190109237 UPC 051497113018

MASTERflex USB memory upgrade
EAN 0798190109244 UPC  051497113025

FLEXline PoE Version Set EAN 0798190109626 UPC 051497113407

FLEXline PoE Version Unit EAN 0798190109633 UPC 051497113414

Warranty extension flexible per UNIT
Warranty extension flexible per SET    

Rack Mounting Kit for under the table for FLEXline
EAN 0798190109466   UPC 051497113247

Rack Mounting Kit with front panel for FLEXline
 EAN 0798190109473 UPC 051497113254

Rack Mounting Kit with front panel and Power supply   
 EAN 0798190109480  UPC 051497113261

Rack Mounting Kit with front panel and redundand Power supply for FLEXline
EAN 0798190109503 UPC 051497113285

Din Rail Mounting for FLEXline
EAN 0798190109510 UPC 051497113292

Vesa Mounting Kit for Flexline
EAN 0798190109527 UPC  051497113308

DIN Rail power supply DN40-12

DIN Rail power supply DN100-12


More about MASTERflex

Introduction MASTERflex

...where our technical innovations are born
… where our technical innovations are born

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