… where our technical innovations are born!
… where the technical innovations are born!

Funcionalities & Features

Videosignals from one source to various monitors

Video Sharing Cross

Push & Get or Connect

Videosharing- Push & Get

Supervisor takes over USB control

Videosharing Cross with Supervisor

Supervisor takes over with command GET the content of a screen

Videosharing Get&Multishow

one user has USB control

USB Sharing High Speed Modus

multiple users have simultaneous USB access

USB Sahring Emulation Mode


Cross move with 1 keyboard & 1 mouse up to 16 screens

Mouse glide & Switch

Sharing on Videowall

Mouse glide & Switch Sharing

Quad view 4four

4K Multiview Commander

Sharing on Videowalls

4K Multiview Commander with Videowall

Sharing several Multiview Commander

Sharing on one Video wall

create several independent groups

Group Sharing

distances up to 150m/ 492 ft and 160km/99mi

Point to Point

Matrix Switching Systeme up to 2000 endpoints

Matrix Switching System

Switching with Uplinks

Decentralized Switching System


kvm-tec functionality - Videos and more

Overview Solutions in the Matrix Switching System

...where our technical innovations are born
KVM Relaunch
… where our technical innovations are born

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