Switching Manager WEB

switch up@work
the web-based kvm-tec software for the management of all kvm-tec extenders in the Matrix Switching System

Basic version included - can be operated from one desk (KT- 4012)

Extra charge for additional licenses and redundant switching manager


... Switch -up & work

  • intuitive operation and management
  • with the base commande the KVM Extender in the switching system can
  • connected, disconnected and shared
  • information of all extenders in the network can be queried
  • Mouse glide & switch groups can be created and edited and arranged as desired
  • update service
  • the operation of several users is possible
  • Main and user rights can be flexibly assigned and defined
  • User Group, Admin, Universal Admin
  • Active directory


Communication in the Web Switching Manager takes place via the API service, which translates the information for the extenders into understandable commands.
The Switching Manager can be operated via a web browser or as an app and can be used for a wide range of platforms and operating systems (Windows, Linux).
For the installation a tablet or PC is required and it can be chosen between automatic installation or self-configuration of the web server.  
In the case of automatic installation, the API is automatically installed if desired. In the other case, the web server is configured first and then the installation continues. The server for API can also be set up virtually or in the cloud.


Tutorial 1

Download & Installation

Tutorial 5


Tutorial 2

First Use - General Settings

Tutorial 6



Tutorial 3


Tutorial 7

Export - Import

Tutorial 4



Tutorial 8


Additional operator licenses

The basic version of the Switching Manager can be operated from one seat. For additional seats extra operator licenses are required (part number KT - 4013).

Redundant Switching Manager

For all safety-critical applications, the Switching Manager redundant is the perfect choice. If one Switching Manager fails , the second immediately takes over the management of the KVM Extenders in the Matrix Switching System.


Switching Manager Web up to 100 endpoints Part number KT - 4014

Switching Manager Web up to 1000 endpoints part number KT - 4015

the KVM Software management is intuitive - flexible - expandable

The intuitive operation simplifies the management of all KVM extenders in the matrix switching system. The assignment of user rights in different levels and the definition of main and user rights make the KVM system flexible.

With the KVM software, matrix switching systems are managed up to 2000 endpoints and the system can be expanded at any time with endpoint packages.

Matrix Switching System up to 2000 endpoints

How can it be that kvm-tec matrix switching systems can have more than 2000 endpoints ? Other switching systems are limited to 650 endpoints.

Since the endpoints behave passively during switching, there is almost no limit.

go to Switching System

and more - expandable endpoints packages

HELP - the KVM system is getting bigger - do I have to replace the whole system ?

Don't worry about your success we grow with you ! With endpoint packages the Matrix Switching System can be extended at any time.


Switching Manager Software Connect & feel good

included management software for the following kvm-tec extenders

Flexline, media4Kconnect, Ultraline, KVM Ecosmart

KVM Multiview Commander Systems - ScalableLine & 4K Multivew Commander Classicline

Part Number


Description                                                                                            Part Nr    


Switching Manager web Basic version

Operable from one place                                                                  KT - 4012       


Additional operator Licenses                                                           KT -4013      


Switching Manager redundant

up to 100 endpoints                                                                            KT - 4014          

up to 1000 endpoints                                                                          KT -   4015      







Quick Instruction

Switching manager




Technical Datasheet





Firmware Switching Manager


...where our technical innovations are born
… where our technical innovations are born

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