FLEXline - kvm-tec customized system
FLEXline - kvm-tec customized system

First Aid Box INDUSTRYFLEXline

Even after a successful sale, Customer Care & Support is very important to us. Since you have contacted our support,  something doesn't quite go according to your wishes -

we would like to apologize in advance and, of course, offer you the fastest possible support.

You can reach our support team directly at

+43/2253/81912-30 (MO-DO. 8.00 -21.00/8.00 am -9pm & FR 8.00-18.00/ 8.00am - 6 PM)

Our support team will answer your questions specifically.


In the First Aid Box, we have prepared all documents required for the installation - or a support case


Your First Aid for INDUSTRYFLEXline

Installation video

have a look and install with our kvm-tec team


short installation guide for INDUSTRYFLEXline products

Quickinstruction INDUSTRYFLEXline single

Quickinstruction INDUSTRYFLEXline single fiber




First Aid Guide INDUSTRYFLEXline Copper

First Aid Guide INDUSTRYFLEXline fiber

helpful questions and checklists for support case


Video C4

kvm-tec functionality


Technical datasheets INDUSTRYFLEXline

Technical Datasheet INDUSTRYFLEXline fiber

all technical data at a glance

technical product catalogue


Support sheet

Sheet for tracking in our support system


Technical data sheet, Quickinstructions and First Aid can be found in

additional languages - German and Chinese in the download area of the product 

...where our technical innovations are born
… where our technical innovations are born

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