kvm-tec Extender are made for smooth & easy connections
kvm-tec Extender are made for smooth & easy connections



 What does KVM mean?

KVM stands for Keyboard, Video and Mouse. KVM extenders are hardware units that are called local on the computer side, (CPU9 and remote on the monitor side, (CON9 and transmit USB and video signals over long distances.

 How is the kvm-tec concept over IP structured?

Kvm-tec extenders work over a network and use the Ethernet protocol. To guarantee real-time performance, Full HD Extenders require 1 Gbit and all UltralineDP1.2 / media4Kconnect 10 GB bandwidth. All kvm-tec extenders can be operated with standard network switches in a matrix switching system. The big advantage is that besides the optimal performance an ultra-fast switching is possible. Perfect video transmission without latency over long distances is also possible.


Can kvm-tec Extender be used in your own country?

Yes, the extenders can be used in an existing LAN if a VLAN is set up. 1 Gbit bandwidth is required. But we do not recommend it.


What is the video delay from the PC to the monitor?

The latency time is imperceptible with < 15ms and not perceptible with the eye. Anything above 15ms causes a delay in working. Kvm-tec extenders have a latency time of < 5ms.


 How to use a Dual Extender

When using 2 monitors with a PC with 2 video ports.


Is it possible to update kvm-tec Extender after delivery?

Yes, all upgrades are pre-installed and can be unlocked with a code.


 If EDID is newly copied to the local Extender when switching on or connecting a new monitor

Yes, although the Local Extender stores the EDID information that was last used.



How does a bitmap update work?

The bitmap file must be opened with a 1:1 image viewer (e.g. Paint, Irfanview). Then open the OSD menu (5x Scroll Lock). Press "U" into the updates and press "U" again to start the update. Make sure that the mouse is not in the update image. It can happen with a bitmap update errors whereby the update does not seem to work. Here it can help if you set a FIX DDC in the OSD menu under "O".


Stick update UVX does not work USB?

It was noticed that in most cases USB sticks over 2GB can cause problems when updating the UVX. And please make sure that the USB stick is formatted FAT32. The error is known and a solution is being worked on.


Are the kvm-tec Extender HDCP compliant?


What is HDCP (Digital Content Protection)?

e.g. a DVD player with copy protection cannot be displayed via the computer



What is sound and RS232 extentable ?

You can use US audio adapter and USB RS232 adapter to extend sound or RS232.

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… where our technical innovations are born

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