kvm-tec Extender are made for smooth & easy connections
kvm-tec Extender are made for smooth & easy connections

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What is the color depth of kvm-tec Extender?

The color depth is 8 bit per color - therefore 24 bit color depth

for media4Kconnet uncompressed the color depth is 10 bit - therefore 30 bit color depth


Colored horizontal stripes in the OSD and in the image (additional check necessary)

This can have several causes. 1. An error in the SD-Ram. (Often a combination of sensitive hardware and firmware errors.)

2. An incorrectly configured switch (IGMP snooping is often used).


Remote has no function (picture and LED after reset)

Sometimes it happens that the remote does not start after a reset.

In this case the DVI cable must be pulled in addition to the power supply (for at least 5 seconds), the unit must be restarted and only at the end the DVI cable must be reattached.



General picture errors

In case of image errors, it may be helpful to replace the video cables.

If this doesn't help, you could also swap the monitor with another one to see if the monitor might cause problems.


No image with changed resolution under VGA to

VGA has no hotplug detect. Unplugging and connecting the VGA cable to the PC is helpful.



How does a bitmap update work?

The bitmap file must be opened with a 1:1 image viewer (e.g. Paint, Irfanview).

Then open the OSD menu (5x Scroll Lock). Press "U" into the updates and press "U" again to start the update.

Make sure that the mouse is not in the update image. It can happen with a bitmap update errors whereby the update does not seem to work. Here it can help if you set a FIX DDC in the OSD menu under "O".

The Stick Update UVX does not work USB

It was noticed that in most cases USB sticks over 2GB can cause problems when updating the UVX.

And please make sure that the USB stick is formatted FAT32.



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