… where our technical innovations are born!
… where the technical innovations are born!


How do upgrades work with a switching system?

RS232: Local and remote parts need special hardware USB 2.0 Memory / Sound/ VGA: must be enabled on all remote parts.


How to switch between the PCs?

There are 3 ways to switch:

1. On Screen Display which lists all available PCs.

2. specially generated hotkeys

3 Switching Manager


Is the switching system password protected?

Yes, you can generate a password protected system by entering the settings.


What do I need to use KVM matrix, fiber & copper devices?

1: Using fiber switch with 1Gbit bandwidth port to port for full HD , 10G for UVX and media4Kconnect

2: Switching option, licensed per remote unit.

3: For video transmission, the switch must support IGMP v2 snooping.

4: See the list of tested and recommended switches on our website for more information.


How are the following switches properly configured for our KVM extenders?

Cisco SG300-28SFP 28-Port Gigabit Managed SFP Switch

IP: | Login: cisco PW: cisco

The following firmware and Config are to be read at this switch:



First check in the upper right corner at "About" which FW is already installed.

If is not installed, update FW.

Select and upload the firmware under "Administration - File Management - Upgrade/Backup Firmware". Then select "Active Image".

Then under "Download/Backup Config" load the Config file into the "Running" configuration.

Then, very important, click on "SAVE" in the upper right corner (symbol flashes red!).

Then perform a "Reboot" under "Administration

Finally check if the following settings are fixed:

Under "About" FW must be installed.

Under "Multicast - Properties", "Bridge Multicast" must be enabled.

Under "Multicast - IPV4 - IGMP Snooping" "IGMP Snooping and Querier" must be enabled.


...where our technical innovations are born
… where our technical innovations are born

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