kvm-tec Extender are made for smooth & easy connections
KVM can be so simple
Let´s connect
kvm-tec Extender are made for smooth & easy connections
KVM can be so simple
Let´s connect

KVM Extender over IP & Matrix Switching Systems - kvm-tec the Austiran manufaturer


Welcome to our website! We are pleased to present you our KVM Extender over IP  and  Matrix Switching Systems up to 2000 endpoints and more, which are developed and produced in Europe, more precisely in Austria.


The new generation of KVM Systems & Solutions  in CAT & FIBER with Remote workplaces and access to virtual machines

Full HD KVM Extender over IP, DVI,DVI-D, VGA & USB

4K KVM Extender over IP, 4K DisplayPort KVM Extender 1.2


KVM systems & solutions of the new generation need flexibility and all devices should be combinable. Full HD and 4K Extender depending on the application in a KVM matrix should be compatible.

Switching systems with standard network components enable super-fast switching and should grow with your business.

The highly optimized and reliable KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) over IP extenders range from USB- DVI to 4K video transmission via CAT or multimode fiber cable for distances up to 160 km.

The management of all extenders in the KVM Matrix Switching System is done by the Switching Manager Software – switch up@work, which is included.

kvm-tec has a passion in development, which means – in-house development. Therefore kvm-tec stands out in the market with a perfect video compression with lowest latency 1.38 ms and the in-house development of USB.

Innovative software features – Mouse glide & Switch, 4K Multiview Commander and access to virtual machines with Gateway and Gateway2go for remote workplaces and home offices and the possibility to connect the KVM4Future High Performance System to an existing KVM system


.....this is what KVM high performance systems of the future look like

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Defintion KVM Extender & Whitepaper KVM Market

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Tune in the easy KVM world

Gateway & Gateway2GO

Product of the Year

brandnew and alreadya winner



Customized System


It starts right now – KVM4FUTURE the KVM Technology of tomorrow

Thanks to continuous development, ergonomic features, ease of use and innovative solutions, the KVM market has become a rapidly growing market in recent years.

KVM4Future High Performance KVM Systems

Land with us in the future, with the latest kvm-tec innovations

REAL REMOTE - the crisis-proofed KVM system with instant switchover to remote workplaces and home offices with super performance

CONNECT COMBINE & GO - the connection to an already existing KVM system via only one FLEXline local unit and you are already in the future.

WE KEEP IT SIMPLE and with our clever and smart in-house developed technology we turn complex KVM applications into High performance KVM Solutions & Matrix Switching Systems up to 2000 endpoints at a sensational price. Redundant & uncompressed and expandable endpoints are also among the benefits.



The advantages of the kvm-tec 4future High Performance KVM System

The system makes your applications future-proofed - Full HD and 4K extenders can be combined in the matrix switching system up to 2000 endpoints and more. Redundancy and uncompressed are some of the advantages, as well as expandable endpoints -  available packages for 50 or 100 endpoints


KVM can be so simple

kvm-tec 4Future

Real Remote for Home Office and Remote Workplaces

REAL REMOTE with super performance and immediate switch to REMOTE WORKPLACES

The REAL REMOTE system enables access to virtual machines and remote workplaces.

License model for times with peak demand in the home - office super performance included


It´s real -  because it´s real REMOTE


Connection to already existing KVM systems

With connect combine & GO you can connect the 4Future KVM system to already existing KVM systems

(CLASSICline 48 or to KVM systems of other manufacturers).

One single FLEXline local unit is connected to the existing KVM system and you are already in the process of redesigning the KVM future and profiting from all the advantages of the KVM 4Future system.

Oh, so heavenly easy in the future

Kvm-tec connect combine & GO

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kvm-tec AR Sensation and more

With AR (Augmented Reality) you can feel our KVM Extenders, make them bigger and smaller, place them in the room and even take a look inside the blue power box to get an idea of how much sophisticated technology is implemented in the power boxes installed in control rooms and many projects worldwide. You can place the blue powerboxes on your table or, if you like, on your shoulder - depending on your mood

Besides feel it with AR, the experience continues with


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Markets & Playbooks - Applications for KVM Extender

We turn complex applications into clever and intelligent KVM solutions - Matrix Switching Systems & KVM Extender over IP in Full HD und 4K over IP, KVM Extender DVI, KVM Extender DVI-D, 4K Displayport Extender, KVM Extender VGA & KVM Extender USB in CAT und Fiber and convince with innovative technology and a sensational price-performance ratio for many markets, such as ...

Public Safety & Emergency Control Centres, Utilities & Control Rooms, Medical Technology, Nuclear Research, Hospitals, Traffic Management & Transport, Airports & Control Rooms Air Traffic Control, Process Controlled Industry & Monitoring, Conference Centres & Educational Institutions, Broadcast, Television, Film, OB, Postproduction, Events, Museum, POS & Digital Signage andmuch more ...

Public Safety & Emergency Center


Utilities & Control Rooms


Medical technology, nuclear research, hospitals


Traffic Management & Transportation


Airports & Control Rooms Air Traffic Control


Process controlled industry & Monitoring


Conference Centers & Educational Institutions


Broadcast, film, television, OB van


LVDS Solution for special applications


Events, Museen, Digital Signage, POS


Esports & Progamer

G4 = Game superfast, silent, secure, sophisticated

New Customer Project

ATV private Austria Television


...where our technical innovations are born
… where our technical innovations are born

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